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  1. Had several atempts to update the voiceattack profile using ctrl+A then DEL finally ctrl+v to place the new keyword set. Everything looks normal and fine to this point but when I press ok I repeatedly get a message saying "Multipart commands cannot contain duplicate entries, Please remove any duplicate entries." I'm stuck to know what duplicate entries they are, Any idea why I should get this message. Used RESET to fix problem
  2. Glad to know the problem is identified and I can wait for the fix. Thanks for the quick response.
  3. Mission 1 no longer works since the 2.5.6 update. The lorry with the cigars is present when the mission starts. Wolf 1 does not land at Bitumi it just hovers then departs straight away. You can't follow him because the voice over insists you stay at ground idle until he arrives.
  4. Huey Radio Using Select for manual radio tuning. Make sure the Radio Control commands are included in your profile (see page 5). For DCS modules that support this (not all do), you can use Select for manual radio tuning. Is the Huey module supported or not? If not how can I use Vaicom Pro to tune the radio. Are there any commands available which I can import in or copy and paste? Thank you for the update and fix which appear to be working fine for me and the tremendous support given.
  5. Thanks Hollywood Cargo Options working now.
  6. Huey Cargo Commands Reqonised But No Cargo Smoke The Huey Cargo commands "Cargo" "Take 1" etc appear to be recognised but nothing happens in game. There is no smoke on any of the cargo's. When I say "Cargo" a default menu often appears with F6 All Cargos etc (don't know why this appears) but you can mouse click on menu, choose cargo and it will work as default menu. However I'm desperate to use VA/Vaicom Pro to voice these commands as it is such a pain trying to fly the Huey and mouse click or keyboard at the same time. I fly the Huey most of the time so it would be great if someone can poi
  7. *SOLVED* I think I've solved the problem. In my settings the "GAME FLIGHT MODE WAS TICKED". After I unticked this setting I loaded up the Instant Action - Caucus FA-18C Ready On The Ramp scenario and flew it to check the autopilot was working 100% which it was. I then loaded the same into Mission Editor and without altering anything resaved it My Caucus FA-18C Ready On The Ramp and flew it. VIOLA the autopilot works perfectly.
  8. Thanks Don my problem isn't the autopilot not working because if I fly the training mission "Taxi and take off" the autopilot and the Auto Throttle works perfectly . I assume there is nothing wrong with my Controls setup. I have a deadzone of 1 on my pitch and roll X52 Joystick which seems to work fine. My problem is if I use the Mission Editor to fly the same mission without changing anything the autopilot doesn't work at all. My intention was just to change the time of day and use the mission as a starting point to learn the autopilot a bit more and the use of waypoint etc. I don't und
  9. What does cannot reproduce mean? Does it mean it works ok for you and if so is there any settings or triggers in ME that are causing it not to work for me.
  10. This is driving me bonkers. I fly the default training mission "Taxi and Takeoff" and the Autopilot works perfectly which is something I have never been able to use. I found this out by accident just by wondering if the Autopilot worked in any of the default scenarios. However when I load this mission into the mission editor and play it without any alterations at all the Autopilot doesn't work. I'm not therefore able to use the mission as a default start scenario where I know the Autopilot works. I can't get the autopilot to work under any circumstances. I've got a deadzone set etc and I
  11. Mine is very similar. I too have the box ticked but the CI window doesn't show unless I press Right Ctrl + Enter. This only happens with the F18. When I use my Helos the CI box shows up by default.
  12. Just bought the FA/18 and working hard at the training scenarios but my Saitek X52 not X52 Pro throttle isn't responding as it should. This is only with FA/18 and doesn't affect any other helo or airplanes. The problem is with thrust and I'm struggling to get past 100kts before the end of the runway despite full power afterburners. I've trawled through forums and seen a lot of posts with this problem and fixes in saturation and curves etc but don't know if these are still valid as there may have been some updates to the FA/18 since 2018 etc. Could someone help me out please and let me know th
  13. I have solved the problem by going into the Mission Planner and selecting the load out before I start up. Then arming guns or rockets.
  14. I don't have a problem with mission editor or creating missions. I have just flown mission 5-1 of the Worlds Apart Campain 2025 and sure enough not able to fire any guns or rockets. I exited and started the mission again but this time I went into the mission planner before flying and looked at armament. Chose the default and continued on to start the mission. This time I had guns and rockets which I armed etc and they worked. Any ideas anyone.
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