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  1. Where is the Frames Per Second (FPS) data displayed? Is this shown in real-time somewhere so it can be monitored in-flight? Also, are all flights, including Training Instant Action missions recorded/replayed as a Track? Thanks!
  2. If the machine is shutting off completely/electrically it is likely that you may have a BAD Power Supply issue. That is the first place to give a look
  3. FPS Display I am new here so pardon my ignorance. Where/how is the (FPS) data displayed? Is this data displayed in real-time somewhere during flight? Thanks! HL
  4. Thanks again for your help. Just to clarify my understanding Its best to Calibrate the devices within CH Mgr. or Windows then its easier to do the Bindings within DCS?
  5. Hey! I am new here and I see that many here are using the CH Products Devices. I have the Fighter Stick, Pro Throttle and Pedals. I think I understand the Calibration process within CH Control Manager, but I do not understand how/where to get my saved Maps Files created within CH Manager into DCS. I am going to be using the F/A-18 Module. I see the CH Devices show up with their proper names within "Options"in DCS, but I do not know how to take my MAP File and import it into DCS. Can I get an assist with some direction on how to do this? Thanks Much! for your help!! Herb L
  6. http://www.ch-hangar.com/forum/index.php?/topic/8907-the-ch-hangar-to-close-a-sad-day/ FYI: CH Hanger closing October 29
  7. Hello, I am new here. Just joined. In my posts I want to be able to define what my system specs are so that when I ask for help from others they can see what system specs I am currently running. I see these typically published at the end of user posts, but I cannot seem to find where I enter this data. Can someone direct me to the proper place to configure this or direct me to a thread where this is disscussed? Thanks Much!!
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