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  1. I did not come to this site to be openly ridiculed.
  2. Skunk Cabbage


    How do I come up with something that looks and acts like Napalm?
  3. Keep your head down. It's going to be a big one. https://youtu.be/f612O_7ItQQ
  4. A-4E-C strike at San Carlos Bay 1982 A-4E-C strike at San Carlos Bay 1982 https://youtu.be/NCuDWz0X5_A
  5. A-4E-C strike at San Carlos Bay 1982 https://youtu.be/NCuDWz0X5_A
  6. Fat Butt Fat? Dress? I got a fat butt from sitting and playing DCS. It's called the Fighter Pilot Spread. Highly contagious. It you touch your joy stick more than three times....well you know what that means. ….I have been locked down too long.
  7. Since the announcement that the Super Carrier will be delayed, I have not opened DCS on my gaming computer. It's weird. Without the Carrier, I have no desire to play.
  8. What are my options for a slow flying fixed wing highly maneuverable spotter aircraft 1960-1980's?
  9. For basic flying, navigation, and unguided weapons I am finding the F-18 Hornet much easier to learn to fly than the P-51.
  10. It's a game? My mistake, I thought DCS was a realistic Combat Flight Simulator. :(
  11. War has never been "balanced". One guy has always had a bigger club than the other guy. I suggest keeping "balance" out of DCS. Or it will become just another online game.
  12. I agree. I have tried, and visited many of the multiplayer combat sims, and online games. It appears that the majority of them are designed, and give preference to squadrons, and squad type play. Emphasis and resources always seem to go to players who have the ability, and or the time to be more involved in multiplayer squadron play. What about the rest of us, who may be in the majority? Single players, who may not have a lot of ability, or don't have the time to put in the long hours. Please Eagle Dynamics, don't forget us. Build it, we will come. Modern Air Combat? It has become a vague f
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