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  1. Ugh that's embarrassing. Thanks for checking though.
  2. Just had this happen to me. As an experiment I was flying with CB E85 turned off, and I was trying to keep below 3000 RPM outside of combat (though it's possible I maybe have crept up on the RPM mistakenly). 190 Engine Bug.trk
  3. Hello all, Do any of you use curves on your control axes? I've come to realize that the Dora's controls are very sensitive, so I was wondering if anyone has found a good axis curve to avoid unintentionally heavy control input.
  4. Excellent flying! I will study this! I was amazed how hard you were able to pull into that turn, but I guess that is the power of the downward corkscrew turn in the Dora.
  5. Yeah... it's definitely a night and day difference between those two types in that mission. The Bf-109 owns in that mission. I've been wanting to branch out from the Kurfurst because the D9 has so much capability when it really gets going, but it's such a nerve-wracking experience flying it offline knowing that all your wingmen will get shot down. Maybe when some of the much-hyped AI fixes come in this year and AI starts flying Fockewulfs to their strengths it'll be a different story.
  6. Thank you I will try this! That scenario is kind of stupid because it starts you slow and on the deck - basically no room for any defensive maneuvers the D9 is good at. Often I'll manage a head-on pass kill and then just run like blazes to get out of the furball, but there's always a mustang or two that run me down, and this even with their AI set to the lowest value. I guess it's just not a situation the Dora is made for, but I can't resist the temptation to try and use it for everything. This fits with my own experience as well. Rookie AI will miss occasionally, and the
  7. I've found that if you're cruising at about 1.0 ATA or lower all it takes is a very slight rudder input to keep it centered.
  8. Something to consider though is that the sim doesn't always reflect the exact context in which real LW pilots were flying. These guys were outnumbered 20:1 on most flights, and in that situation you really need every ounce of power and maneuverability just to survive, but suppose you're not wildly outnumbered and even have a good number of friendly fighters in the area keeping the enemy fighter force occupied. Maybe you want to attack some bombers or strafe so ground targets. In that situation it's pretty fun to have gunpods. It's not something I'd want to bring on every sortie, but ther
  9. They were unpopular, but I'm not sure they were rarely used. III./Jg 26 is known to have used them fairly frequently. For that matter, 109s weren't exactly preferred for Jabo missions after the introduction of Fw-190s, but we can still mount Sc 250s and Sc 500s on our K4s. Further, P-51s did not mount rockets in WWII, but we can still use those. After five years I have a hard time believing that wing cannons will ever be added, but they absolutely should be. Hell, I'd even love to see the Wgr 21 for our 109 (there are controls for it in the cockpit) but that really might be impossible si
  10. Hello Dora enthusiasts! I really enjoy this plane, and I feel confident with it against most every opponent... except for the P-51. It seems like the Mustang has most of the qualities that make the D9 strong, with more maneuverability, and it's so fast. When I get on on my 6 it's nearly impossible for me to lose it. Sometimes I can get away with a rolling scissors, but it's about 50/50 whether the mustang will still manage to shoot me down in the process. Offensively, I'm used to using "Boom n' Zoom" tactics against every other opponent, but if I try that against a mustang there's not zoo
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