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  1. Guessing a .lua edit, which file please? Thanks.
  2. The Cat crews still seem to think The A is a Hornet I think, I'm still getting the "raise launch bar" hand signal after hooking up.
  3. It's a wonderful aircraft and I'm sure it'll be a joy to fly, especially when it's development is further along it's EA release, but unless there's more development to the world part of DCS World, it's missions will get stale rather quickly I'm afraid due to limits and repetition. Still, I imagine it'll end up in my inventory eventually.
  4. It would be a Day 1 purchase for me, and a great compliment to Supercarrier and the naval ops theme DCS has going.
  5. AIM-54 now uses distance (determined by TGT Size switch: large=13NM, medium=10NM, small=6NM) for going active, instead of 16s TTI. Will there be some sort of future Jester update so pilots can select this through the Jester interface? If you're piloting online, won't this selection be unavailable to you if not? Edit - Nevermind, was pointed out to me it was already in the notes and I just didn't see it.
  6. Since there'll be a SC Stennis, some time, you've got time and won't have to change a thing.
  7. My Dim and Med light settings for the Red Flood cockpit light are switched. The Hi is the brightest, but the Dim is medium and Med is the lowest, intensity wise. Didn't see mention of it in past reports, but I'm old and lazy and gave up rather quick, too. :)
  8. Don't have the campaign, may have to buy it to just see what he did. Have heard it's pretty good.
  9. Maybe waypoints at those assigned heights/distances?
  10. Per title, was wondering if HB had any plans for adding wheel chocks before completion?
  11. Any plans to release an updated template after all the different models and their tweaks have been done?
  12. Any plans for the AI to follow Case I/II/III departure patterns in the future? It would fit nicely into SC's development.
  13. I can now better understand why the Navy (range and fuel economy), and more importantly, it's pilots (performance) were happy to receive those F110's after a few flights with the TF30's. Nicely done, HB. Looking forward to ramp striking the Forrestal soon and I'll wait until March/April 2021 before whining too much about anything left over on the to-do list. :)
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