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  1. I can boresight IR Maverick on whatever point, doesn’t need to be valid target. You dont get a full Lock, but the boresight button appears anyway.
  2. Massive whining about new features and updates became something common in DCS community. People expect them like gifts for Christmas because they’re free and they’re new - what’s not to like? and the reason for that is because many people can’t find anything else to focus on when they play DCS. Just a few have fun playing online, another few buy campaigns but those don’t last long. If you can’t find your own toys in DCS sandbox, you only have some missions from User Files with different levels of quality. Games like that, with endless gameplay, rely on fresh content every 2 weeks, month or s
  3. The TGP colours have changed a lot since the first release. You can't use contrast to get the crosshair be visible anymore. it changed colour from almost white to grey to hide in the background completely and the TV camera makes the terrain details much more bland than it used to.
  4. OK, I deleted those triggers. did them again exactly the same and now they work... DCS magic I guess...
  5. It doesnt work in my case. It plays the sound file, interrupts it after 1 second and plays it again and interrupts again after 1 second. I can hear only "eeek" "eeek"
  6. I can set a new radio item and a radio transmission after chosing the new option from the menu. However, the radio item stays for the rest of the mission, but the sound file linked to that radio transmission is played only once, with the first use. How to make the sound file played every time I chose this F10 radio item? I tried everything...
  7. I’ve noticed that you need to be very close to the target with H and K to get Hand off auto lock, like 5 miles, Also H and K don’t work well with moving targets. Don’t know if it’s a bug or correct behavior
  8. Noticed that too. Mav screen is stuck with some garbage from previous hand-off and can’t be FOV or slewed So far You can fix it by making mav screen SOI and reset everything with DMS Down. Then you can go again to TGP and mav is good to go, folllows the tgp again
  9. OK, I solved the problem :) My site was missing a search radar, putting some old truck ?-19 gave some life to the SA-2 and SA-3. The 19 compared to 2 misguided me while setting the site in the editor
  10. OK, so the SA-10 or SA-11 works fine. It is mainly with SA-2 and SA-3 so I guess they work that way? Won't turn on until you pass them? :)
  11. I have strange issue after the update. I set a mission to practice HARM, set SAM groups I fly to SAM from 40 miles range, I can see threat circles on HSD but RWR is silent. I have to fly direct over SAM, orbit for 2 minutes there and then it starts locking me, my RWR starts beeping. Bug or my mission is not set correctly?
  12. I also have bug with not being able to switch targets if friendly contact is present. If there is i.e. AWACS and a group of hostile, TMS right locks only Awacs. Does not switch between hostiles. There must be only hostile aircrafts around to have TMS Right works properly in TWS mode.
  13. If you could only add F-111... :) the working horse of Desert Storm...
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