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  1. I have ran into a similar issue some time ago. Here is how to find out what causes the conflict: In the multiplayer browser, click on the red exclamation mark (which tells you, that you are impure). The game then shows you a list of conflicting files. These are the ones you need to remove.
  2. oooooh, interesting! You learn something new every day! Thank you for the explanation!
  3. Thank you for taking the time to reply! Oh and thank you for this great campaign! That is what I tried and I got PTSD flashbacks from the time I learned cross country navigation in FSX with Rod Machados PPL license texbook.... The problem with this method is that it is hard to account for wind induced drift... And what is SuperFudd? I got no messages, probably because I missed the trigger zones? Hmmmm, the video is interesting! Unfortunately the navigation part was cut out - after takeoff and the initial turn, the video commences at around waypoint 2. Int
  4. Hello! I tried this mission on the weekend and need help.... * On my first attempt I got lost because there is no Radio navigation and the F5 can not interpret the russian "Channel 28". How am I supposed to navigate besides estimating my distance and useing the compass? * On my 2nd attempt the VR mouse cursor disappeared and I no longer was able to click things in the cockpit. DCS stuff.... * On my 3rd attempt I was killed from an impressiv edistance by a Su24 that made an insane loop towards my flight and attacked us from above with astounding speed. My F
  5. That is good to know! On my first attempt, I tried going low and evading but was shot down. On my next try I flew a screaming spiral at the SAMs and took out a few units with my guns.... However, when returning to base nearly at sea level, I suddenly saw shimmering stars surround my plane and a short while later my pilot died. Weird!
  6. In that case you unfortunately will not be able to see or join the server. In order to play on it, you need to switch to the open beta version. Depending on whether you use the Steam or standalone verison, the procedure differs (but you will find plenty of instructions on this forum on how to do it).
  7. Thank you for taking the time to answer to my post! Yes, of course people can choose their own frequencies (which is what I do with a friend of mine, when we cruise around Hoggit TNN). But if you offer some "official" ones, it could promote communication on those frequencies. And yes, ingame voice comms..... I don't want to be a naysayer (and even less intend to be inflammatory!), but I have been following DCS for a few years. If it goes like the new AI, or weather system or clouds (which may finally be coming after 10+ years?) or proper ATC and so on.... we could be waitin
  8. Hello everyone! I also love flying on this server. Did not try the firefighting yet, but am looking forward to it. Personally I dislike Discord (maybe I am too old) as it is totally cluttered and confusing to me. Why don't you just use SRS to communicate and coordinate? SRS basically is an essential DCS addon anyways, a de facto standard for online comms. The mission author could define certain frequencies for e.g. SAR comms, Fire OPs comms, airfield traffic and so on, publish them in the mission briefing and players would just tune into those frequencies. Or mybe just use a "gener
  9. Hello! I tried your textures together with "Better Trees", "Better Smoke" and "Better Labels" by Taz1004. The result is wonderful! The old and neglected Causacus map looks much better! Thank you so much! Unfortunately the textures don't pass IC, but for singleplayer it is a revelation!
  10. Hello! Has this been fixed yet? I tried the Case 1 instant action missions and was unable to see the AOA indexer lights. Also trying to turn them to brighter did not work.
  11. Sorry for making a double post, but I wanted to separate the VR screenshot from the others. This is a screenshot of the display mirror DCS window. EDIT: I also managed to capture a short video of the display mirror window. Sorry, I have no experience with this, so I hope it will be enough proof. Link: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1ELokFvjgbY8aKY76qOhICBbYzK_Xx8Z9/view?usp=sharing
  12. Hello Elmo! Would you like a screen captured video, oder rather one filmed with a smartphone?
  13. OK, I was extremely busy lately but managed to get a 2D screenshot on on of my computers. This is how the warning lights panel looks in 2D: unreadable. When you zoom in a lot, the issue gets better. I will try to upload a screenshot from my other computer and one VR screenshot later. Edit: I uploaded 3 more screenshots from my other computer. Here you can see clearly in 2D that the warning lights are not readable.
  14. How about this bug? Is it already fixed or at least acknowleged? Last time I tried starting up the harrier, the sounds were still all messed up: Audio warnings inaudible, engine spool sound cuts out in mid-start etc....
  15. It's good to see that after many frustrating years, bugs finally get acknowledged. How about this bug? Is it already fixed or at least acknowleged?
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