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  1. You might want to start thinking about a full upgrade. I keep seeing people trying to hang on to their old i7's. but they are limiting your upgrade paths. Anything older than a 7000 series bottle necks the new GPUS DDR4 ram is much better than DDR3 which is the chip set I think your system is likely running? if you canibalize you case and power supply you could build a i5 10700k( this chip is almost as good as the i7 9700k but cheaper) a 2060-2070rtx and 32gb of 3200 DDR4 ram an SSD and a MOBO for 7-800 bucks. If you can wait a little long when the 300
  2. Get a better cpu. your CPU is bottlenecking your GPU. https://pc-builds.com/calculator/Core_i7-3770K/GeForce_RTX_2070/00212xlu/32/100/
  3. If I remember correctly wasn't AMD having problems with their newest drivers ? it was affecting frame rate I think.
  4. I got all my parts thrown into a box and quite frankly I am kinda shock. DCS at 1440p maxed out has hit the limit of my 144hz monitor. I have never seen dcs run so smooth. In vr with the VR preset and a few things bumped up I am getting...well I am not sure because I don't know how to see my frames in VR but it feels quite smooth. I finally know what its like to fly DCS like Mat Wagner !!
  5. So I recently built a new DCS vr machine. I am willing to fresh reinstall DCS but I would like to avoid going threw the 3 or 4 planes I fly regualrly setting up HOTAS inputs for them. Last time I did this I lost all of those configs.
  6. The i9 is not happening now. I realized it was back ordered into august. so I stepped it down to a I7 9700k. I was able to get one on ebay for $305. I had also considered waiting for Ampere but I picked up this 2080ti for $950ish, also on ebay. That was a pretty good deal I thought. :)
  7. I decided to bump my sim game up new mobo i9 9900k and a rtx 2080ti. I will...will this damn simulator to 70fps the the sheer power of capitalism!
  8. Your gpu is bottle nicking your cpu. I would also turn down cockpit res of of every frame as that will chew up performance too.
  9. I use the Rift s. I can accpet 45 fps. The probelm I run into currently is when flying in vr and mission with medium sized units. the HMD will freeze and well, it is almost like the image is smearing then snapping back. it makes me quite motion sick. The only think I really need to look great are the trees and water ( I hate seeing trees popping in, very immersion breaking for me) and the cockpit being crystal clear. and also being able to spot air threats groud targets and SAM launches.
  10. Your CPU is way to weak for the gpu you are running. I punched you cpu and GPU into bottle neck calculator and it comes back with a 73% bottleneck. so you are essentially only getting half of what that RTX 2080 is fully capable of. Even though my i5 is just and i5 and running a 1080 they both work really well together. I am also running 32gigs of 3200mhz DDR4 ram. not to be rude but your computer is really not comparable to mine the way it is configured right now.
  11. Howdy. I have come into a little money to splurge on new pc parts. current PC is a i5 8400 and gtx 1080 run DCS on a monitor maxed out 1440p with over 100fps no matter what mission I am flying. In vr it chugs quite badly on even small missions.....and I really like flying in VR. I am planning to upgrade to a i7 8700k and over clocking it to 5ghz(god willing) and pairing it with a RTX 2080super. I am hoping to stay on the same mother board which is why I am staying with 8thgen intel( I don't think I can go 9th gen on this mother board) would this be enough to get me to a constant 70fps in VR on
  12. Bummer I don't have the hard drive space to try it, oh well. I have DCS on steam
  13. Thanks !, Yeah I was in track IR and now the new ejection handles kinda block my view of the AP panel. I was flipping it up instead of down. Once I got into Vr and was able to look around the new office properly I realized I was missing the setting( and for got which I needed to hold orbit!) I have to congrats ED on the job well done. In VR the new touches in the Hog take the immersion level to a new high! And thanks Yurgon. It has been a slow but steady recovery !
  14. Howdy, I had not been on DCS for a couple of months( recovering from a surgery) I am liking the new Hog update, sharper clearer and more clickies. But the AP mode dosn't seem to be functioning properly. All modes seem to be only wanting to hold HDNG/ALT I can't get it to hold my bank angle and orbit because it wants to fly wing level. Also it seems like I have to be wing level to engage auto pilot, and pitch up or down will not let me engage AP. Has something changed here ooooorr ?
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