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  1. Hot damn! I just did that and after quick test it truly seems to work. There is still a bit of judder at 89-91% at setting 5, but I increased the percentage setting to 6 and that seems to eliminate the pot jitter/juddering completely. So far so good, thanks for the tip! :thumbup: Although in future you guys might want to consider using a better pots. I would expect something like this from Saitek/Logitech...:music_whistling:
  2. Same here, from day one the index rotary wheel has had quite a lot of jitter. It seems to be quite stable at the min/max/center position, but in between those positions the rotatory start to jitter quite badly making it pretty much useless. Ruins the premium feeling a bit for me. I already tried maxing out the smoothing settings in the Virpil configuration but... :joystick:
  3. Hi guys, been lurking here for a long time and just wanted to let you know that I just got the shipment email (t50 throttle + desk mount + mounting plate). Order date: june 17th. Finally! I was starting lose my faith... :).
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