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  1. Hello, someone knows how to find the different instruments in the "parse_indication" for F-16? Mainly for eHSI and RWR? I know : DED = parse_indication(6) CMDS = parse_indication(16) UHF PresetChannel = parse_indication(10) UHF FreqStatus = parse_indication(11)
  2. Hello, i found for current heading : local hdgDeg local selfData = LoGetSelfData() if selfData.Heading ~= nil then local hdgDegValue = selfData.Heading / (2 * math.pi) * 360 hdgDeg = math.floor(hdgDegValue) end thanks DCS-BIOS
  3. 422 / 5000 Hello, I have a cockpit for F-16C from F4 BMS. This uses graphic displays for the instruments. They are graphic screens and not monitors. So I can't do visual exports on these. With the Export lua and the help of the community, I managed to adapt all my screens except the RWR and especially the eHSI (or HSI). Anyone know how to retrieve the infos I am missing for the HSI? - HSI
  4. Hello, I am following this project very closely, in order to be able to export the MFDs and instruments of the F-16C to my other PC. Any news on its release?
  5. Hello, now the INS page on DED works. We will find it in DCS-BIOS 0.85?
  6. Hello, is it normal that when you switch to HUD and MFD view only or in F2 view, the F-16C DED is no longer refreshed? Rather annoying for cockpit owners.
  7. Great, i miss it very very thanks I think you had find all data for the f-16C Viper For this works thanks you
  8. Someone know how to extract UHF frequency and channel on the panel UHF on the left side? For the F-16C Viper? Same for chaft and flare count in cmds on the left side? After that, i have a full cockpit works for me.
  9. Hello, thanks. It works now with this correction. For your excellent code with inversion, only the line 5 not works. an idea? Thanks for your time.
  10. Hello, Return from DCS-BIOS V0.8.1 and DED on F-16C-50. The bug is corrected, but i think i had found an another one : When you select on ICP the pushbutton 4 - STRP. The DED shom this : DED line 1: STPT * 1*a MAN DED line 2: LAT N 41o36.941' DED line 3: LNG E044o02.274' DED line 4: ELEV 8000FT DED line 5: TOS 00:00:00 When with the 4-way stick you select down, the DED show this : DED line 1: STPT 1 a MAN DED line 2: LAT *N 41o36.941'* DED line 3: LNG E044o02.274' DED line 4: ELEV 8000FT
  11. Hello, do you think is it possible to add Chafts, Flares, Channel and UHF backup frequency for the F-16?
  12. Thanks. On BMS, there are 2 tables. 1 table for the DEDLines and another for the Inverted. When the Inverted has data in the same location as the DEDLine, it must be reversed. With your code, you just have to give the correct code of the inverted character and it should work on the LCD Graphics... I'll see this, super thank you.
  13. I am interested because I am looking to use DCS-BIOS with my own hardware and this one I can reprogram the LCD, so if I can look and if I can use it?
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