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  1. You'll miss I noticed if you are out of envelope.. don't be too fast and make sure you are at the right dive angle
  2. If you fly a new map and module, or have removed your shader cache, loading shaders the first time takes a looong time. After that, it should be rather quick though. I have the sim on a SSD and it's rather ok. Compared to MSFS2020, DCS is lightning quick in comparison.
  3. I also sent several track files to BigNewy. But as they say, they are aware but I guess other tasks are higher prio. I wish that the NVGs could become a bit more useful. Night missions are awesome.
  4. Basically most DED pages are missing, it feels to me like a major thing to implement. Like CRUISE for instance, but also all the other pages we can play with in that other sim,
  5. I noted this too and thought that this must be a bug. Why would one design a system that locks the MFD page to that specific action before it's completed.
  6. Thanks for the input! (pun intended) I always had that button binded on my flight stick, go figure I was confused. Cheers!
  7. I saw a video where Tricker says using pinky switch to zoom in on the fcr, useful for more easily getting a better picture of two targets close together. When I'm trying to use the nws/missile step button nothing happens. Is nws button not the same as pinky switch? I couldn't find any key binding for it.
  8. The JF17 module with canopy fog is such a neat little detail that really brings the module alive. I'd like to see something like that implemented for the Viper. Would be interesting to have to the work on cabin heating and humid controls.
  9. I'd like to learn more critical tasks when operating the Viper. Hope more procedures and tests are added in to make it more realistic.
  10. Same.. Instead of a wosh I had to dive to safety.. I don't get how things are announced but not included in the patch.
  11. I love stuff like this in a module. I want to be able to break stuff and get failures, makes it much more exciting. Keep it up.
  12. Yes it seems we are still ways of the expected performance. Let's see what the other changes make.
  13. Hello, Any update on this interesting topic? Will it be a part of DCS or a stand alone component as it is today?
  14. I can chip in and say it's very obvious that the clouds move and jitter. I'm playing non VR at 3440x1440. Cloud ultra settings
  15. This would be awesome
  16. I love the rain sounds, they are very atmospheric and DCS greatly benefits from this
  17. Thanks for replying BigNewy. That sounds very exciting. Dare I ask to have some wording about AI development on the news letter, could be anything from small things to larger tasks, it's very interesting to follow and it's an important topic for many I believe. Cheers.
  18. Hello ED team @Flappie @BIGNEWY I've been flying DCS since it came out and one thing I enjoy the most is a good gunfight with the AI. I think I've become quite proficient during the years and I really wish the BFM AI could recieve some love in this area. It would really add to the immersion. I tested all difficulty skills of the AI in so many scenarios like 1 V 1 high aspect, low aspect, 2 V 1, 3 V 1, different setups of altitude start, angels etc with different opponents, most often SU27, Mig23, 25, Mig29 and Su33, but also western fighters like the F/A-18, F-16, F-14, F-15. Since it's one of my most frequent activity in DCS I believe I have a very good understanding of the current capabilties, and inabilities. In my experience, the AI is very predictable, very slow to react when it should go defensive which makes for an easy kill, has perfect energy management, does not seem to be affected by G-forces and seem to have very forgiving launch parameters for heat seekers. Also, it doesn't seem to perform much of the known BFM manouvers like hi and low yoyos, barrel rolls and so on. It does seem to jink sometime but it's not doing the AI any good. The mistake number one is the pull up into vertical when I'm in a good offensive position. Is there anyway that you, ED, can make the AI a bit more fun to dogfight? I want to see some dynamics in the fight, I want the AI to make some challenging moves based on my BFM errors, I want it to capitalize on my mistakes and really pressing the aircraft to it's limits to get a solution on my without god given abilities (cheating). I love this sim and this would really be my most wanted feature over any modules or graphical updates.
  19. This man should be paid Nice work, I'd love to see more stuff coming this way!
  20. That would be something to add, would make a fantastic addition! (coupled with new NVGs that support it)
  21. In general I like the simple stuff like CCIP runs like fast and low level attack with MK82s and guns and rockets. However, I very much enjoy the SEAD/DEAD role with HARMs, CBUs and Mavericks. Picking off ground targets 20-40 miles away usually doesn't give my any thrills.
  22. This happened to me last week with latest open beta version. It ruined a very long campaign mission.
  23. So me and my friend did a coop mission and we both noticed that all lights, on the runway, taxi way and cockpit lighting was very dim. No city lights could be seen and even if we maxed the brightness of our cockpit and avionics lights, flood lighting and landing gear lights, everything was very gloomy. It was like having very dark sunglasses on. Not sure how else to describe it. Never happened you us before.
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