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  1. You pose as an expert but in fact you are just an arrogant player that even when told that you were wrong by real pilots you think you are right.
  2. Just ask Lex, Mover, GB, ... real life pilots what they think instead of making fantasy theories. It's useless u try to prove ur points with ur non-pilot background.. have BMS experience doesnt qualify u for nothing
  3. Look who is talking, your discussions at Speed and Angels were the most childish ever.. everyone still laugh at your theories there.. Why people on forums call other kids just because they don't agree with them?
  4. based on what? we dont know..u dont know..we will never know
  5. Just fly and have fun, stop trying to find problems that we can't find the answer. They have SMEs that flew both the Viper and the Hornet, wait for them to flag anything abnormal. Turn rate, turn radius, or whatever u might need it's classified dude.. Just because you heard "pilots" saying that the viper is better doesnt mean it's true.. Your quest to solve ur frustrations is amusing.. Go to speed and angels and ask pilots there.. see what they think about ur theories. I would pay to see a discussion between u and mover.
  6. @PrancingKiller Your internet expertise amuse us all. please keep posting all your theories... it makes my days less boring.
  7. Got it. Sorry.. I just assumed you were basing on that manual.. which a lot of people surprisingly do and say it's REAL LIFE hornet. I dont think it will auto acquire. but to be fair,, it's not that hard if u have your SA page to see the bandit's info. right? regarding the topic of this thread,, there are lots of assumptions here.. without a track everyone's opinion is based on your bias only. There are so many variables playing in here, search bars, azimuth, range, MP desync, radar masking, notch, etc etc.. From my experience in game, if you are locking an bandit that mask ur ra
  8. How do you know that?? I dont think there is any unclassified document talking about that part specifically and I doubt any real pilot would comment about that. On the only unclassified document talking about radar on the f18, there is no mention that the radar would adjust itself to lock a MSI trackfile. A lot of info that people claims to be IRL info is just what is/was implemented in the F/A-18E superbug from VRS.
  9. U asking how would I know.. but u base ur argument solely on "it was working before" when i mean works fine i mean by i can lock whoever i want without issues.. let's not bring to the "real life" thing here. please.
  10. Somethings were introduced and you didn't took the time to understand.. MSI for example. What exactly are u referring as "already reported" regarding the datalink? Also, ur problem is with radar.. Radar acquisition (except ACM modes, [maybe]) is fine. 1. It's picking up almost no contacts with LTWS turned off. It will all depends on ur radar set, range, bars, azymuth.. 6Bars 140 degrees 40 miles takes a lot of time to scan,, and depending on ur aging setting, u most likely will have few targets at once... With LWIS (and MSI) u will have SA trackfiles displayed in ur radar even if t
  11. What about the other option? That you guys are not using it correctly? F18's radar is working fine now.. Minor bugs, maybe, but all you are describing is not a bug.
  12. It's funny how everyone on the forums assume they know more than u. IT"S WARPING in locations where it couldn't be physically considering their speed and altitude.
  13. FYI, It was not that severe before this update. (we had similar problems few updates ago too)
  14. That's a different thing Bobik. If for any reason Awacs cannot know where the contact is, it should just take it away from SA (or blink),,, In this case, it shows the trackfile teleporting around. That shouldn't happen even if he was buried into the ground.
  15. Since last update I've noticed more than usual lag and ghosting in the SA page. Sometimes showing (for long periods) the bandit in front of me, while he is already behind. This track is one I got just for report purposes. The issue can be noticed after I shot missiles on a Mirrage 2000. There was a friendly and 2 mirrages. In another day (no track) I was trying to surprise a bandit at @14 (I was on the deck) and after I climbed the mountain that separated us (1-3nm) SA showed me cold and in front of me, while he was in fact turning into my 6. Checked tacview and there was no one nearby
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