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  1. Hi @subseauk The AppStore link in my original post didn't change and it's still working for me. You can also try this shortened URL: https://apps.apple.com/app/id1551491580
  2. Is there any equivalent or close equivalent to the career mode one could find in the "other WWII sim"? I think it's a series of generated missions based on the capabilities of the plane and loosely matching the history timeline (front line, planes available). There's also a slightly more elaborate 3rd party mission generator called PWCG. I was wondering if somebody ever tried to develop something like that for DCS.
  3. Is this CMS button switch mapping change to match the A-10 C II going to stay like this on the A-10 C? Just curious to know if this was the actual behavior of the CMS switch on real A-10 C?
  4. As a general question, is there an official channel / tracker to report bugs to DCS? I thought this forum was the only place. I'd be happy to learn I missed that. I didn't know about that timeline: after Mosquito get done. Thanks @Callsign112.
  5. What should come next? I'm thinking of counter measures panels, but please provide your suggestions.
  6. Thanks I just realized by reading through the Yak 52 forum that it has been in early access for a long time. I hope it's not completely abandonned, because it didn't take ED that long to implement better system modeling in the other WWII planes...
  7. I did the following experiment: - close oil radiator - close engine cowling shutters - set RPM and manifold pressure to max After a while, cylinder head temperature goes over 300°C and oil temperature goes over 150°C. That's what should happen. However, I can continue flying for long time and nothing happen. No smoke, warning lights or any sign of engine failure. Am I missing something here?
  8. This binding should allow a button to switch between INNER and OUTER, but it only allows you to go to INNER and never back to OUTER.
  9. When assigning the pitot heat switch toggle binding to a button, I can only turn pitot heat on, but not turn it off.
  10. I noticed this very minor discrepancy in the Yak 52 slide deck. In the table of contents, part 14 is named "Aerobatics", whereas in the sidebar of the pages in part 14, it's named "Aerodynamics". I mentioned it just in case... I'm sure you already enough to do with all the other excellent manuals
  11. When I land the Spitfire (and it happens same in other simulators like IL2), I'm fine landing the plane and getting it almost to a stop, staying well on the runway, but .... as soon as it's almost stopped, it does a 360° turn before completely stopping. I can put as much rudder as I want, but it doesn't help. At some point, I was wondering if the differential braking could explain this problem, as I may be applying brakes (100% since I don't have analog brakes) and rudder at the same time, but I'm not sure yet. Any other explanation?
  12. thanks @grafspee today, I applied your advice and it was a joy to fly the 1st mission of the Epsom campaign. The Spitfire was actually very stable. This is what I did: - make sure it was well trimmed in pitch - reduce the Y saturation of the pitch and roll axes and add some curve - always ensure with the rudders that there was no or very little sideslip
  13. Thanks @grafspee No duplicate bindings. That was the 1st thing I checked. I used the rudder trim (assigned to my trim hat, since no roll trim on Spitfire) to prevent the right roll and I always correct the slip with my rudder. It stays stable for some time, but then, as soon as I need to turn, it gets very unstable. I don't know if I get into PIO when trying to correct the attitude, but it becomes impossible to trim it back to "somewhat stable". I noticed too that it's even worse at low speed and I'm wondering if the RPM settings can have an impact on the stability.
  14. The Spitfire always want to roll left or right, whatever rudder trim or small roll adjustments I do with my stick. I tried with different curves, but impossible to keep it slightly stable in roll, and of course, it makes any flight a nightmare. On the other hand, in pitch, I can trim it relatively easily. For your information, I use a Warthog stick with 15 cm extension and I already checked that there was no other assignment to roll axis than my stick.
  15. Thanks Art-J I have in-game v-sync on. I'll check about the activating v-sync in Nvidia control instead.
  16. Does nobody have both Channel map and P51D? I'd really like to know if the fps from issue is coming from my setup or from DCS itself.
  17. This is one several airfields missing in the Channel map. It's located here: XX54+64 Marck It's now called the "International Airport of Calais-Dunkerque". When it was created in 1913, and during WWII, it was called: "Marck Airport in Calaisis".
  18. Can anybody try this instant action "Take Off" on Normandy map with P51D? I'd like to know if I'm the only one who notices a big difference in fps between about anywhere over Normandy and this specific instant action setting.
  19. I'm using latest beta. 2 weeks ago, I was flying helicopters around Normandy map, including towns and fps were good, fluctuating between 55 and 60 fps (I'm using vsync). Today, I was doing several take offs from Bodney base in UK, in campaign Blue Nosed Bastards of Bodney, with P51D and everything was fine too. However, when I tried instant action "Take Off" on Normandy map with P51D. The fps were doing yo-yo between less than 30 fps to 60 fps and overall, it wasn't smooth at all. The only difference to the previous flights I noticed was a kind of low fog layer over the fields. Could it be coming from the new cloud system introduced by ED or is it specific to this map?
  20. Version 1.5 was released on the Apple AppStore. It adds Ka 50 PVI 800. ...Version 1.6 will be about M200C PCN...
  21. ... after training a while with the (speedy) Gazelle, I have never been doing so well with all the other helicopters (UH1H, Mi8, Ka50). Now, I can hover and land them with ease (well almost ) including on small landing spots. I was never able to do that before! Now, I hope I can do the same the Gazelle someday...
  22. Probably nothing really exciting for most, but this is my very first successful landing of the Huey on the back of a frigate
  23. I noticed that landing the Huey on top of buildings that I add to the map as static objects sets them to fire. Initially I thought it was my helicopter, but no, it's the buildling. Are these static building not intended for that? Or am I landing to hard on them? in the latter case, I'd expect the Huey to be damaged too. Note landing on oil and gas rigs, ships or FARPS don't do that.
  24. Thank you @Tanuki44 and @Munkwolf I wish the name in the in-cockpit help bubble would be useful in the controls setup search.
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