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  1. @vfighter if you can see the data from DCS, then you should also be able to send commands, even if you're mixing ethernet and wifi. The only constraint is to be on the same local network. I noticed that I had a mistake in the firewall configuration documentation, where I inverted inbound and outbound port. I fixed that now. Please have a check here: https://github.com/wluc9875/iUFCExport-LuaScript#configure-windows-10-firewall and let me know if your iPad commands reach DCS.
  2. @CrashMeTwice I didn't know about such USB hub. That's really interesting! I'll have a look. Thanks!
  3. I can't find any binding like increase / decrease <pick your interior light>. Because of that, I can't bind the M2000 interior lights to the rotary buttons of my button box Will Razbam add that binding? or could it be added through the DCS community keybinds?
  4. I use the following controllers: - Thrustmaster Warthog Throttle and Stick - MFG Crosswind rudder pedals - 4 Thrustmaster Cougar MFDs - a 2nd gen iPad mini running my UFC app: iUFCExport - my home-built "button box" - Track IR Pro I know that I could add even more devices to DCS, but since I reached the device limit for IL2 GB and CoD, which I play too, I'm going to stop here for now
  5. @Gazzer So far, I have only supported the configuration where both PC and iPad are on the same wifi network. It should work more generally if the PC and the iPad are part of the same local network, but there are so many different possible network configuration, depending on routers, on your Internet box, etc... Unfortunately, I don't have the time to support all these combinations out of the box. Please message me your PC IP and your iPad IP. I may try to suggest you a way to connect them tomorrow, but I can't guarantee you anything.
  6. good to know @draconus then it's all the more so important to have some bindings for these air sources. I just hope the F14 dev team will add all these missing key bindings soon. It's a pity to have such a great modelled plane, and then realize it's lacking in the parts which I would assume are not the hardest to dev, like the bindings, since the commands are already in place.
  7. @Uxi yes, I agree regarding air sources. "Both engines" should be selected in order for gun to work properly. Haven't checked if this was properly modelled. However, there are many other bindings missing for the F14. Once again this weekend, I stumbled against no binding for "gunsight elevation lead". I would have expected this one to be there by default. For now, I'm using the mods above, but I usually don't like to install mods.
  8. thanks a lot @sigfan86 and @Lt_Jaeger! I wasn't aware of these mods. They're really cool!
  9. I searched for them in the controls binding dialog, but I wasn't able to find any entry corresponding to the Air Source switches in the Air Condition panel. Are they missing?
  10. @silverdevil I know the differences, from Chuck's guides and from the manuals. However, in the game, whether you use A-10C or A-10CII, it's the same CMS switch scheme: the one of the A-10CII.
  11. In the past, I created a button box as a placeholder for UFCs: but since then, I created my own iPad application for UFCs So I decided to repurpose my BBI-64 LeoBodnar board and created a new button box. I really enjoy it to map comm and navigation radios, lighting, sensors, etc... Here it is:
  12. Sorry I missed you original question, but I'm glad you finally found a way to make it work! Enjoy!
  13. posting also this question in the A-10C II forum, as more people may read this forum rather than the older A-10C forum see original thread:
  14. Thanks! That's really incredible that ED doesn't comment on this! I don't know if they made an error on the original A-10C or on the development of the A-10C II that overwrote the A-10C behaviour. In both case, it's OK because it can happen, but at least, for a simulator like DCS that is praised for its accuracy, it would be great to know how it's supposed to work in reality for both A-10C and A-10C II.
  15. I asked the question in the "bug" section, but got no answer. Maybe because the bug was already considered closed. Anyways, here's the question: for the A-10C (original) is the CMS switch supposed to work as in the A-10CII documentation or as in the A-10C original documentation in real life? I'm confused because now that I have both versions, the CMS switch has the same keybindings for both versions: they're aligned on the A-10C II documentation.
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