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  1. Update: showing a proof of concept I worked on yesterday in the video below. I added the possibility to add multiple panels per plane, each selectable through the bottom tab bar and if you have multiple iPad, you can even choose which panel you display on each iPad... As it takes some time to create panels, even if not a lot, the second panel in my demo contains only the F16 emergency jettison button for now.
  2. and here's a sneak peak on the work-in-progress Gazelle NADIR Now that I have the 5 panels I wanted for version 1 (F16 ICP, F/A18 UFC, AV8 UFC, JF17 UFCP and SA342 NADIR), I'm going to fix a few bugs and formatting issues and then get the application ready for testing. I have only one volunteer for beta testing so far. Feel free to send me a message. There's no condition or constraint. I'm just eager to know if everything works fine on diverse iPad, PC and local network configurations, and if not that you tell me the problems you encounter or ideas of improvements.
  3. I'm looking for something equivalent to the list_indication function I can use on F/A 18 or AV 8 to extract the OSB/ODU lines. => found help on how to find the answer in the DCS manual itself. The answer is: list_indication(3)
  4. Is there no other way than using a viewport??? I'd rather have an export of the actual values to be displayed, rather than the graphical content.
  5. I'm trying to find something equivalent to a "list_indication" call to extract the NADIR lines as you can easily do it with F/A 18 or AV 8. I don't seem to find the right indicator for that. Is it even possible?
  6. thanks ! I will try what you suggest I have also found this post about installing a "unified driver package" here. I'll try that if renaming the MFDs is not sufficient.
  7. I have now 4 Thrustmaster MFDs plugged to my computer through a USB hub. When I launch DCS and open the control settings, all 4 MFDs are visible and I can bind them to plane switches. In the DCS control settings, each MFD is displayed with an associated GUID (globally unique identifier). I thought these identifiers were the actual MFD hardware identifier, but I'm wrong, because the next time I started DCS, the same identifiers were used, but assigned to different MFDs, meaning I had to redo all my bindings. Is there way to keep these identifiers and binding stable?
  8. thanks! Yes, it will adapt to the size of your iPad screen. However, I'm still hesitating between: 1) keeping the "UFC" size at 100% max (could be smaller on smaller iPad, typically for the A10C long UFC), but it will be centered on your large screen. 2) grow the size of the "UFC" proportionally to the size of your Pad size. Some UFCs will look huge on large iPad Pros 3) keeping the "UFC" at 100% max and allowing for extra panels/buttons for the larger screens (very unlikely to be done for the 1st version, but who knows, maybe someday)
  9. Update for January 16, 2021 Support for AV8 and JF17 (screenshots to follow) Next to be added is SA342... I'm still looking for beta testers... If you're interested, please drop me a line in this thread.
  10. I prepared a tentative roadmap for the next planes / panels. I do this first for my own pleasure and usage, but since I intend to share this application and source code to all in about 2 months, your comments are welcome. I will also look for a limited number, 3 or 4, beta testers around mid to end February. If you're interested and have an iPad with iOS 12+, please drop me a message. 1st release: - AV8 UFC + ODU - F16 ICP - FA18 UFC - JF17 UFC - SA342 NADIR 2nd release: - A10C CDU, maybe UFC (but doesn't fit well the format of the iPad)
  11. Update 2021-01-10 - UFC with displays now get their content filled from DCS. Example video with F/A18 published and added to the original post. Moving on to more planes next weekend...
  12. just added a short video link at the end of the original post planned next steps: - F/A 18 UFC, with displays (COMs, OSB lines) - add the other planes with UFCs or like - automatic switch to the right UFC depending on plane controlled in DCS - if I have time and people ask for, add feature to switch between several control panels of the same plane on one iPad or use several iPads for each plane panel (caveat: I have no intention to reproduce full cockpits. iPad are too small anyways and Helios is better suited for that).
  13. Last year, I created a "universal UFC button box"... ... but it was bulky, and although it could accommodate all the buttons of all the UFCs in DCS, I wanted something that looked more like each existing UFC and that could also display some info, like in these small displays next to each OSB of the F/A 18 I looked if it was possible to display and interact with an UFC from an iPad. I found some existing paid iPad applications, but with all the great free and open-source work of Helios and DCS-BIOS teams, providing excellent starting bricks, I decided to create my own iPad app
  14. thanks @SGT Coyle ! Indeed, I found this sentence regarding the laser modes: > [*]The Laser modes have been increased to 5: TRNL (training), MRKR (Marker), LASER (Laser designator), D+M (Designator and Marker) and EYES (A low power Laser designator used to prevent damage to the eyes of the troops on the ground).
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