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  1. Hey all, I'm really hoping there's someone out there who knows of this issue or if it's a bug or whatever, anyway. I am having issues with no aircraft I fly tracking after take off at all, in less than 30 to 45 seconds after take off the aircraft are not following my flight and end up crashing directly into the ground or in some cases taxiing straight off the grass into the nearest hanger on the take off roll. I've tried this in both stable and open beta with the F14A & B, the SU 27 and an F18 as well, nothing is tracking for me since the most recent update. I have never had this issue
  2. I'm just really happy to see the progress pictures and any news that comes along. The team and the people involved give me a lot of confidence and hype for my favourite western aircraft.
  3. Maybe if they do make it we'll be able to destroy it before it gets the chance to run away (again) :P
  4. Insanely excited to see one of my favourite jets coming to DCS. Looking forward to flying it A LOT in the virtual airshow world!
  5. It's an issue they are aware of and are trying to solve. For anyone who bought the hornet ON STEAM and then transferred it to the standalone version of DCS. the discount isn't working correctly for us. ED has already made a post that they are aware of the problem and are looking to resolve it. Have some patience guys :D
  6. He said he transferred it to the stand alone, which as far as I'm aware is an issue you guys are already aware of and working on. I also bought the hornet originally on steam but was transferred with several other modules several months ago and it doesn't apply the discount as of yet, I think this is the issue he is having also.
  7. Don't need to date when I've been in a stable relationship for over 2 years. You learn to be patient and wait for things, so the more you post and complain isn't going to get the development team just to stop what they are working on and deal with other issues. Just be patient mate, I realise they aren't in the best of states but we all just have to wait and see what the overhauls will bring.
  8. Whilst I share the frustrations constantly posting the same message isn't going to change anything, at this point it's just pointless spam.
  9. Would love to hear improvements on the sound aspect of things. I've had the module for quite some time but have only just recently started flying it, a very unique aircraft in the air and one I am looking forward to spending more time enjoying! :D
  10. No mate, all subsonic. I record a lot of airshow style displays so I only noticed it when recording a recent flight today that the sounds had changed.
  11. Would be brilliant to have a proper hawk module back in dcs, I really enjoyed flying it despite the flaws it had and it was my 1st full fidelity module. If only the Virtual red arrows guys would let us purchase their mod!
  12. I've been recording some SU-27 footage on the latest stable build and I noticed the afterburner noise has changed significantly, it sounds pretty fantastic at a distance but when the aircraft is passing by and reheat is engaged it has no smooth progression into the sound it just turns on like a switch. Is it meant to be this way? Flew past in various conditions and most of the moments were on/off type sounds which unfortunately isn't great for videos :doh:
  13. The Mig 29 I feel is one of those jets in DCS that rewards a lot of fine control inputs especially when taking off and landing. It took me a few attempts to get a landing smooth without any bounce or any oscilation of the nose moving up and down, I've found around 260/270 knots and being gentle with the flare will let the back wheels set down softly and stop the bounce, as the Russians like aircraft to be used in rougher airfields the front can feel very soft, so touching down too fast will cause the bounce. As for the comment on it being a bug I wouldn't personally say it's a bug, just
  14. They are planning to introduce something like this, I can't remember what website I read it on but they asked Wags a HUGE list of questions and he had great answers to them all but one of the questions was if they were planning to introduce a road map for their progress on modules/maps etc and he confirmed it was something they were looking to do to give people a better idea of progress across each element.
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