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  1. They forgot to include oculus rift plugin. However I have compiled it and it is working. Visuals are very good however have problem with drifting. Instructions: http://www.prepar3d.com/forum-5/?mingleforumaction=viewtopic&t=6335 Leon
  2. Thanks for the Oculus support! Also waiting for the patch now
  3. Sorry, my mistake. It should be exportTWS.lua. I have fixed instructions in Play Store. You should replace [username] including brackets with your windows user name Leon
  4. Even without SBS 3d NTHUSIM HMD is best option for the Rift in DCS. I have tried unsuccessfully all other options including Tridef.
  5. Short report of testing DCS P-51D on Windows 8 64bit with OpenTrack and Nthusim HMD (http://forums.nthusim.com/viewforum.php?f=4) The setup was very quick. Below the main steps. NThusim setup: separation (70,0) - did not feel any difference for any setting between [0,100]. May be it is only for actual SBS 3D. Zoom: (100,200) - otherwise wrong aspect ration Desktop Correction, Look Around, Mouse - all not selected OpenTrack download from: http://ananke.laggy.pk/opentrack/ Important to start OpenTrack before Nthusim HMD otherwise it can not receive tracking information. However then "Look around" feature will not work either. Settings: Tracker Source: Rift, GameProtocol: FreeTrack 2.0, all curves on 1-1 relation with movement (straight line from 0,0 - 180,180) Display Configuration: NVIDIA GTX680, "Duplicate" mode with 1280x800 resolution. I have tried to use "Extend" mode with Rift as Primary display however it was not usable: I could not select any menu options in DCS UI while looking via Rift. "Look around" feature was not available because of OpenTrack. May be when Nthusim HMD will support head tracking, the problem will be solved. It is important because using "Duplicate" mode is not recommended for Rift because of additional lag. In DCS I have setup 45 degrees FOV in SnapView.Lua for P-51D however it was too zoomed in so I have changed it in game with "/" and "*". Instrument readability was much better than in WarThunder or IRacing. I dont know how to explain it, but i was able to read all main instruments: AIS, ALT, V/S. Manifold, RPM etc. Even for different zoom levels. However in order to be able to read instruments, it was required to keep head steady, without any movement. Outside view also was very reasonable, no problem to spot airports, hours, trains, cars. Did not try to spot other plans. Head movement was not very smooth (comparing to IRacing and Warthunder with native head tracking support) with detectable lag that immediately caused me very light nausea (did not have any problems in iR and WT). Framerate around 120 FPS. In general, I still had a strong feeling looking via binocular and not feeling like in IRacing of actually being there. May be because of not optimal zoom level and lack of SBS 3D. However , it is way better than playing with displays (i have cockpit with 3x32in LCD displays and motion seat). Did not try with motion enabled yet, will update Did also quick test with X-Plane, without flying or head tracking, worked great. Will do more detailed test tonight. Regards Leon
  6. it is available on netflix enjoy Leon
  7. http://www.imdb.com/title/tt0098328/ The siege of fire base Gloria. Very nice Huey action specially at end. Can be nice inspiration for MP mission: first to bring some ammo and then help to defend the fire base Leon
  8. Thanks for great mission. Was able to do three pickups and drops Leon
  9. Great mission. Also had a problem with pilot getting onboard, may be because of collective Leon
  10. Peter Hi Thank you very much, I thought SnapView.lua was only for custom views and not default ones. Will check. I do think it should be part of the guide because forum is full of FOV questions for triple display configuration. Thank you very much. leon
  11. Great work. My main question: is it possible changes to pilot FOV and view angles that currently reside in SnapViewDefault.lua and mainpanel_init.lua and getting overridden by every DCS update can be done in autoexec.cfg? I was trying to directly update relevant variables but without success so far. Thanks Leon
  12. C and C. Great mission. Thanks. Even parked chopper as requested
  13. thanks. If i understand correctly, with proper rift support where image is warped for correct lense distortion before rendering into low resolution screen surface, center of the image will have more pixels making hud and instruments hopefully more readable. Leon
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