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  1. May I suggest Virpil developers that for VPC Control Panel #3 a NUMPAD be included as follows: 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 CLR 0 ENT Cheers!!!
  2. Nvidia GeForce 461.40 out. Problem solved. There’s still one rare dropped frame every now and then but the stuttering is gone. It is silky smooth and usable even at 30 FPS. The only remaining issue is in Syria map where performance optimization is needed on the part of the developer. So an unrelated matter. I tested SP on all maps with the Bf 109 and P/TF-51 with IA missions (mainly BFM and free flight in big cities) and MP on Storm of War server. I can finally watch the F3 fly-by view in all its glory and identify bogies at the merge
  3. Hi, Is there any way to have one physical button output two alternating logical buttons? If not, would it be feasible for the devs to implement that feature in future software updates? Cheers! Edit: Also: the sum of two physical buttons returning a third logical button.
  4. Ok, probably some issue on my side. I'll keep trobleshooting. Cheers!
  5. For the idle axis setting inside DCS to match the physical position of the CM3 throttle it is easier to check in VPC the axis percentage value when the CM3 is at Idle and then just add 1% and set this value as dead zone for the respective axis in DCS. As for buttons 125-128 they are physical buttons in VPC that must be programmed to logical buttons in the ‘Buttons’ tab. Then DCS will ‘see’ them. Cheers!!!
  6. Hi, I have one request and an issue: - Request that you add english subtitles along with the german ones; - Issue: every now and then the server (Dedicated Server on a different machine) stops every non client unit (both players and AI). So, every human player in their respective machine sees everything else stopped in the air for a few seconds (it seems an eternity). It then returns to normal and many minutes later the same happens again. I haven’t experienced this on you Operation Clear Field mission. This with or without the B-17s enabled. Also, I haven’t
  7. Hi, I’m also interested in the Antenna Elevation and Manual Range pots for the Cougar Throttle. ‘Cheers!!!
  8. Yes, but as different aircraft have the AB detent at various different positions it is best to have the option in the simulation to define that position in the throttle axis and have on all-in solution. The same for the Idle and Stop detents. These would be the basics. The various programming possibilities of the controllers’ software can be used to further increase users needs.
  9. Update: I tested all 15 wires and all have continuity and do not crosstalk to any other of the 14 wires. So the cable is OK. I connected the Cougar throttle independently with a TUSBA and everything works OK except the Antenna Elevation axis but (most probably) due to a dying pot (which worked well before the above issue!!!). With this my guess is that the issue lies on the joystick base although all their axis and buttons also work correctly. Now, some issues with TUSBA: The axis raw values are narrower than the expected range
  10. I would also add ‘Stop’ and ‘Idle’ setting on the throttle axis as an option. This would perfectly match the new Virpil CM3 throttle.
  11. As the title says consider having a dedicated 'FFB - Force Feedback' subforum inside section 'DCS World Topics - Input and Output'. The tech around flight simming is lagging in the FFB department in spite of the demand being there, somewhat waiting for manufacturers to come up with more options for the consumer. I recently purchased Brunner controllers (stick and rudder) and the increase in immersion is substantial, missing "only" the Gs and the smell of jet fuel. But there's much tuning to be made to really grasp the potential of these controllers. This sub
  12. It happens to me when I change MSAA setting without restarting DCS. After the restart everything is OK.
  13. Hi all, My Cougar Throttle is malfunctioning, having lost all but one axis and additionally all but four buttons activating additional buttons. The sidestick is Ops Normal. In the picture below I am pressing button 19 (ministick press) which is activating buttons 21 and 26. Buttons 20, 21, 22, 23 Ops normal. Button 19 also activates button 21 and 26. Button 24 also activates button 20 and 25. Button 25 also activates button 20 and 24. Button 26 also activates button 19 and 21. Button 27 also activates button 22. Button 28 also activates button 23. Axis S2 is disabled as in
  14. The majority of aircraft have a clock with stopwatch functionality.
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