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  1. With my 3070 I have yet to find the settings to maintain 45FPS, let alone 30. I'm guessing I'll have to under-sample it.
  2. Good luck! And be sure to report back based on your experience with both G2 and Index.
  3. So spent about an hour in VR "desktop" mode while working, because...I wanted to play with my headset but also have to get my billables in. My observations are I have a little side to side wobble I need to figure out. Audio is perfectly fine for me. Clarity is amazing in sweet spot, but does fall off pretty quickly. Wouldn't want to work in MS Office for a long time with it. Hoping they can tell us what is causing the headset displays to break so I know if I have a headset that will last, or if I'm waiting on it to die and RMA...
  4. Yeah, I just had to do a quick "flyby" in DCS...At first terrible framerate, then realized exactly that. Dropped it to 1.0, and pretty much same framerate as before I think. (No testing, just by feel). Quick notes: I can actually read everything in the cockpit without zoom. I wouldn't say it's 100% crystal clear, but some of that may be how I have the headset positioned and getting IPD right and all that stuff, will take a bit more than 5 minutes to fully dial everything in. (Actually, some of it may also be with edge to edge clarity, I'm so used to moving my head to read and
  5. Yeah, massive upgrade. The Rift S was a sidegrade, and I missed the external tracking, so never bought one. (Dad has is, and I've used it a couple times) Never wore another headset, soooo nothing to compare too! My wife even noticed the quality difference immediately, and she's barely used VR in over a year. Edit: Just noticed the headset is warm while in standby mode. Seems something is not going to sleep properly, so I've turned off the connect box when not in use.
  6. Got my headset! Quickly set up and looked at SteamVR Home, didn't have time on lunch break to play a game / fly. Quick notes thus far, it's wider than my face, so light leakage from side needs to be addressed. Will have to add a little padding there (Or turn off the lights in my VR space, which is an option actually, no windows. The screen is amazing, I can read text! Sound from inside SteamVR Home was good, may like it better than my CV1, but will need to play some DCS or Beatsaber to know for sure.
  7. Ah, apparently I had signatures turned off! Didn't even know that was an option. With your system, you can drive anything. I lean towards the Reverb G2, as it has the best clarity of any headset on the market, with a thinner padding to expand the FOV to around 100*. I'm getting a Vive Pro 2, which should arrive tomorrow, but that headset is too new to give it a thumbs up or down. It's getting some mixed reviews thus far, but I'm also coming from a CV1 so I can give that opinion once I test it. (But that's close to $1400 to dive in to coming from a CV1, as you need lighthouses
  8. Specs didn't post... but yes, a lot of options. A couple questions: Will you be only flying / seated VR, or do you intend to do any roomscale? (this can eliminate or add some options) What is your price point for entry? Options range from Oculus Quest at $300, all the way up to around 2K for a high end Pimax setup...
  9. mine finally left Indiana, hopefully arrives tomorrow! Little sad since tonight is my Game Night...
  10. My Vive Trackers literally departed Indiana...and were delivered directly from that facility. Never arrived at the local FedEx, it's like they direct delivered from Indiana two states away...
  11. Gah...my package hasn't moved from the FedEx location in Indiana for almost 24 hours... c'mon FedEx!
  12. @dburne I think you and I are in the exact same boat. Mine was also Wednesday, then bumped to Thursday. Guess we'll see, but at least FedEx has control of the package now, and I'm home both those days...
  13. My guess is they were trying to un-tether it from SteamVR for their corporate customers? But...us gamers ant SteamVR, soooo...Let us use it! (Now, how to get this feedback to HTC so they can hear it)
  14. You may also want to order the better head strap, and a good link cable (Doesn't have to be Oculus official). The default headstrap is apparently not that great. Enjoy, VR is amazing! And Roomscale is actually easier than Sims, do the initial Oculus "demo" scenes, and also SteamVR's "The Lab". Do not do FPS with smooth movement, teleporting is fine, standing games are probably the "easiest" to get your VR legs. Also, VR Sickness is real, especially in FPS, Driving, and Flight Sims. You WILL adjust and get your VR legs so to speak, but fastest way to do so is to tak
  15. My headset shipped! Supposed to be here wednesday!
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