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  1. The Hornet does not have a regular auto pilot as found in other aircraft. The automation is for pilot relief as I understand. You still as you say initiate the attitude and then engage ATT.
  2. If the attitude of the aircraft is nose high or nose low then BALT will disengage as there is conflict between BALT and ATT. Fly straight and level, engage BALT, bank to desired angle of bank and engage ATT. No reason for it not to work unless something has changed. It's been a while since I flew the Hornet.
  3. Don't you need to use ATT hold as well to hold your attitude whilst BALT holds your altitude.
  4. Perhaps this is the problem. Anti-Skid Switch The anti-skid circuit prevents brake application on landing until wheel speed is over 50 knots, or if a wet runway delays wheel spin-up, 3 seconds after touchdown. A locked wheel protection circuit releases the brakes if the speed of one main wheel is 40% of the other main wheel. The locked wheel protection circuit is disabled at about 35 knots. The anti-skid system is totally disabled below 10 knots. Anti-skid is used for airfield operation, but not for carrier operations.
  5. The brakes are axis controlled. Tune the axis to no curves and slider.
  6. 30kt wind, 15 turbulence and carrier speed 15kts. You can set worse conditions but I found it better to start moderately. Enjoy and practice, practice and more practice.
  7. Hi folks, I haven't posted for a long time.My solution to the super carrier performance has been to set the 1060 nvidia controller to highest quality on the first dialogue box where you choose to allow the dcs settings or the nvidia controller to set the performance parameters, then let nvidia control settings. Then I went to advanced settings and capped framerate to 30. This allows additional gpu resources for quality. I know there is great debate about the human eye and FPS, but the in game stutters and freezes have gone and the game is smooth as silk. Sitting on the deck of super
  8. Here is my el cheapo centre stick. Works great for me. Easily removed and replaced.
  9. QUOTE=Magic Zach;3972336]Go to the DCS folder in Saved Games, and delete the fxo and metashaders2 folder. This should work. In the event it doesn't, delete the P-51 cockpit texture zipped folder. Should be in the main DCS folder, Mods, P-51, cockpit, textures. Then run a repair.
  10. Heres some Yak 52 spin and recovery testing results. Spins_Unspun.pdf
  11. Thanks 000rick000, I cant wait. I hope the other SAAF skins I have will also be updated. I take a lot of Sabre and Mustang SAAF pics and post them for the ex F86 and P51 pilots who served in the SAAF. Not too many left now.
  12. This is what the SAAF skin looked like with the spec file. Will there be a marked improvement in appearance with roughmet? Is the default Sabre skin roughmet? That one looks like there is oil leaking from all the seams, or am I missing the point.:smilewink:
  13. Cool. Thanks for the pointer. I
  14. I'm devastated!! None of my SAAF skins are any good. Please point me in the direction of what I need to learn to fix this problem. I do not want to be a skin artist, just want to fix the skin issue. :helpsmilie:
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