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  1. @fat creason Ok, thank you very much fat creason for your efforts and the quick reply to my question! Very kind of you. Glad to hear the slat schedule rework made it in . Kind regards, Snappy
  2. @fat creason, did the subsonic slat schedule change make it into today's fix? I can't find it in the F-14 patch notes, but I know not everything is listed sometimes. Kind regards, Snappy
  3. Hi Flighter, is there any chance to give the Mig-29 A&S a bit more fuel for the 1v1 slots? They spawn with only around 1.5 Tons, which unfortunately is next to nothing for the guzzler that the Mig-29 is. You usually get the first cautions after one or two turns. If that could be increased to 2.5 tons that would be kind. Otherwise a lot of fights end soon because the Mig is simply out of fuel. Kind regards & thanks for the fun server! Snappy
  4. I don't understand this either? I get that you can't use real data due ADA restrictions. So the manual is your best guess info but the actual module doesn't match the values from the manual ? Regards, Snappy
  5. "More balanced"? Theres near-zero danger of that.. You're already once again getting the most advanced kit in form of a very modern attack helicopter for blue side , while redfor needs to make do with a flying (admittedly famous) battle tank from the 70s&80s and a one-off Attack helicpter that has neither radar nor RWR for that matter, and you re still talking about balancing in your favor ? Lets not get into all the arguments against balancing, its a simulation, but the way things are odds are heavily tilted into blueforce's favor in DCS and will be for the foreseeable future , s
  6. Hi, sorry if this is a dumb question. I know next to nothing about the details of the F-14 variant delivered to Iran but am curious about this one and if by off chance, someone knows this one. I know the F-14s used by the Navy cannot receive signals from civilian ILS , only the carrier-based ILS. However I wondered whether the iranian cats had different receivers installed with money probably not being much of an issue in order to fly land-based ILS approaches in inclement weather ? Guess not, probably they could make do with just TACAN or
  7. @3WA I don‘t buy that 90% of customers are SP, very few play MP claim that ED likes to put out as its really not clear how they arrive at that data and how it’s defined.If I play 2/3 SP and 1/3 MP in which camp do I end up according to them? Also, if really 90% of their customers are playing SP ,its really ridiculous that they haven’t fixed the AI and their FM years ago. Its so broken that it really takes the fun out of SP air to air. ok if you re content with zapping them BVR with Aim 120s is likely doesnt make a difference.Lets not talk of the antics your supposedly frie
  8. Reflected, thanks for your further updates&information on the Zone 5 campaign. Its really super cool that you selected the fighter weapons training in the 80s as the background/theme for this campaign and its just awesome that Bio and you are taking it to a very professional and authentic level down to era-typical briefing cards. Thank you very much for that! Looking forward to this campaign! Kind regards, Snappy
  9. Am also very sceptical on the assets pack concept. The MP community will fracture further and the entry barrier for new people who might be interested in DCS might get even higher. Oh, yes DCS is free, but you wanna participate in some fun MP missions? Well you first need to buy asset packs X Y Z, plus supercarrier plus whatever is next, land based ATC likely. What do I know. Yea I get it, some people dont mind throwing ever more money at their hobby and thats fine. But I see the serious risk of DCS becoming ever - more niche/exclusive to ultra hardcore simmers and being unable to attract
  10. Unless its an error in translation, I find the fact that there will NO training missions or training campaign included AT ALL quite disappointing for a hifi-module that will no doubt be sold for usual price tag. Yea , official and/or user made videos are nice to have, but really its sounds like a chap excuse to skip the work of doing decent training missions to me, which I think almost every other full module offers in one form or another and usually add to the immersion. hope they rethink their position on this. kind regards, Snappy
  11. Yes maybe in part, but even the NTTR training still contains various errors and misstatements, especially in the radar operation traning missions. For example, there is talk about a min selectable radar range of 5NM which is not really available in the aircraft (still havent gotten no answer from RB whether its a bug or the training is wrong). Also the switch setup at training beginning, does not correlate with the instructions. When I have the time and nerve I' ll maybe fly the missions again and give a more detailed report, but right now I'm too busy with other more important
  12. Among other things, quite a few bugs, some long-standing ,completely missing controls in the cockpit for the RB75 Display and the Main indicator screen and quite a bit of other stuff too. And last but not least, Draken AI model. Its not in bad state, don't get me wrong, its way more modelled than other modules out there I guess, but its not complete either. Regards, Snappy
  13. @Zhukov All good, hope you get to fly again soon.Take care and stay safe Zhukov. regards, Snappy
  14. I suspect you love a good debate as much as I do Can‘t even remember the last thread with a request for some vague layout of ED 2021 goals , especially given the fact that the 2021 and beyond video really contained close to zero information on that, except revealing Apache and showing off flashy new wx, which frankly means nothing since they‘ve been doing it for years. Anyway while I agree some unnecessary threads pop up again and again every few days/weeks in these forums (why no redforce 4thgen blabla..), thats not exactly the case here. Equally frequent
  15. Great see to a perfectly sensible polite request being shredded again by reflexive & completely unnecessary whiteknight-ism. Good job Mr.Biggs. regards, Snappy
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