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  1. did you ever get this fixed? my slider pot is doing the same thing, i wonder if there is a way to smooth out the input with software
  2. small update, one of the TOBII devs i messaged said they had manageds to get 6dof working in DCS and the update will be released in the next tobii game hub update!!!!
  3. Well, track IR hasn’t been updated in years. Tobii is new, does what track ir does and has eye tracking which while a relatively new tech will be more widely adopted (probably) you don’t need to wear a hat or attach something to your headset. I can also say the build quality of the Tobii (metal) is far higher than the plastic of the trackIR and the track clip pro is notoriously flimsy.
  4. So, i use it for star citizen and DCS and occasionally ARMA 3, in Star citizen it is flawless and above the standard of TRACKIR5, eye tracking takes a while to get used to but id say its made me more immersed and probably a better 'combat pilot' in DCS the lack of 6DOF was weird at first, but the actual tracking was as good as TRACKIR5 id say, once id set the curves and sensitivity up. in the end i decided to disable eye tracking in DCS as i felt it was more of a distraction, and i got FACETRACKNOIR which has a tobii5c plugin which brings back 6dof. what i can say is t
  5. ED, first of all 2021 look to be an amazing year for you guys and the community, Please can I make one small request please, can you please allow the users of the Tobii 4 and 5C to have full 6DOF in cockpits, by default only head and eye-tracking with 3dof, but you are unable to lean in and out. the eye trackers are capable to do this function, as is the engine because TrackIR and similar products do it, let alone VR. I understand this won't be an overnight task as your dev schedule is pretty full, but if it could at ;least be considered, you'd make some T
  6. what does P/INS indicate on the MFD, i did a full carrier align that took 8 mins 30 secs and said 0.5 ok before i roated it to nav and moved
  7. order 4379 order placed 10 July, will update as i get the news, am uk based so shipping shouldn't take long UPDATE: got a email on 17th august saying it had shipped, i await its arrival :)
  8. I’ve not used SLI in dcs for a long time, I have it disabled in nvidia control panel, I get much better performance on a single card, no micro stutter or artifacts, but I’ll try it out for you and report back
  9. second one all the way, mfds are cool
  10. just below 60 on deck, hopefully they can optimise more because weaker rigs are gonna struggle
  11. anyone else unable to switch pages on the knee board? i can get the page that alters the GBU laser code up but nothing else works, also unable to bind any new ones in the controls as the box is greyed out
  12. so yes if you carry two types of bomb it wont show, however if you click where they would be on the pca you can use them and they work as intended
  13. probably have the SA page open, its a reported bug and if you don't have it on your fps goes back to what it should be.
  14. i have that setting on ultra and its butter smooth, the hot plug was what was causing my stutters
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