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  1. Hi folks, Does the radio command "Wingman -> Engage -> Bandit" work? I've tried it several times in the Oil on the Water campaign but my wingman just flies around until a MIG-29 nails him. Thanks!
  2. Hi Folks, I'm having an issue with the boat switch on the AV8B (I have the TM Warthog) . I just did a full install of CTS. When I load the AV9B profile and rock the china hat switch, the virtual button press keeps looping. The only way I found to stop it is to unplug the joystick. Here's a shot of the event tester after I moved the switch forward and back. Any idea what I am doing wrong? This china hat switch behavior doesn't happen with other CTS profiles. Thank you!
  3. Is there a version greater than 2.530? I'm having issues running the updater. Thanks! <edit> Never mind. I found the version.txt instructions. Everything is working now. Thanks!
  4. I know I'm having a hell of a lot of fun with it. Was there a recent update to the module? DCS downloaded an update and some things are different but I can't find a change log. Probably user error but any help would be appreciated! <Update> Never mind, I found them.
  5. Hi All, I have a question about the CTS profile for AV-8B. I just updated to the new version of CTS (including loading the latest AB8B .lua's). The Sensor Select Switch (SSS) commands changed in the DCS control profiler changed to LWin+U/I/J/Y. But actuating the SSS on the stick doesn't seem to work for the LWin-modified commands. Looking at the device analyzer, pressing the SSS on the stick sends commands modified with "LMENU" (except left, which still sends a LShift Y). What keyboard key corresponds to "LMENU"? I can't find it on the Target Configurator virtual k
  6. Hi All, The Sensor Select FWD and LEFT in the screenshot below seem to be disabled. This is for the AV8B. No matter what key I map to those the command isn't recognized. The other sensor select positions work fine. I tried clearing, defaulting, reloading the particular commands and the entire keyboard list and can't seem to clear the different shading. I did not find any duplicates either. Does anyone have a suggestion? Thank you very much!
  7. Hi All, This may be a general sim question, but I'm not sure the right terms to search for. It seems like the AV8B Sensor Select left and forward are disabled. Here is a screenshot showing they are shaded differently in the control profile manager. I scrubbed the controls for duplicates, cleared, reset, and reloaded and I can't seem to get it to work. I am using the CTS profile, and the other sensor select functions are working. Does anyone have a suggestion? I feel like I've encountered that shading before. Thank you!
  8. MFD Issue (Fixed) Well, a fresh TH driver install and a couple reboots seem to have fixed it. :)
  9. Hi All, I'm having an issue with Cougar MFDs. Up to now, I've ran CTS with a TH Warthog sitck and HOTAS and Saitek rudder pedals with no issue. Today I tried adding 2 MFDs. I changed the CTS MFD HW setting to "2" and rebuilt the script, but when I run the script, I get this error: "Done. DCS A-10C Warthog Init Complete! DCS A-10C MFD Defaults (2,2): A-10C Warthog Config Complete! main returned 0 Error: One of the selected USB devices (2) has been unplugged. Aborting script! Aborting script (check output above for reason)... Script stopped!" The behavior is I get the c
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