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  1. repair in progress https://forums.eagle.ru/showpost.php?p=3856950&postcount=12
  2. Thanks USSR_RIK I appreciate your prompt response to this issue. @ FZG_Immel. If you have found another issue, create new thread with track file. Also FZG_Immel R-27t have a Infrared seeker. They will kill you even if you kill the launch aircraft.
  3. Aim7-MH still hits target with no semi active radar guidance. A number of players in Blue Flag MP have reported that they have been killed by a Aim-7, after already killing the fighter that launched the missile. I have created a simple mission in SP to demonstrate the issue. ____________________________________________________________ Time 8:00:00 Mission Start 8:00:10 F-18C fires AIM-7MH at Target Su-27 8:00:14 F-18C hit by R-27T fired by Su-33 8.00:14 F-18C pilot dead. F-18 is spinning to the ground out of control 8.00:29 Su-27 hit by AIM-7MH _________________________________
  4. The RWR detects when the radar is providing semi-active missile guidance. If you watch both tracks. The AIM-7MH launch is detected by the RWR. The AIM-7M has a bug from a recent update and gives no warning.
  5. When a F-18 fires a AIM-7M the target aircraft receives no launch warning. The bug only affects the AIM-7M. Shooting a AIM-7MH gives a launch warning. As demonstrated in the attached track files. Open Beta DCS Aim7m no warning..trk Aim7mh launch warning..trk
  6. When locking a target with the RDO button, the radar drops lock every few seconds. As demonstrated in the attached track file. The M-2000 radar cannot keep a non maneuvering KC-135 approaching head-on locked. M-2000. radar bug..trk
  7. I download fix. Switch and keyboard key doesn't change from PPI to B-Scope display.
  8. Radar still drops lock after today's patch DCS
  9. After today's patch, I cannot change from Radar PPI mode to B-Scope display.
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