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  1. Which is the softer spring, the one equiped on the pedals at delivery or the one in the bag? (or are they the same)? What are the spring specs? I'd like to get a softer spring
  2. I think it's just a modification of the original for more comfortable fit and the anti-SDE that was added. I doubt it's worth upgrading over and would wait for the next round of higher resolution headsets to emerge.
  3. Technically VR's been around in gaming since the first "real world" environment was simulated on a screen. Tech has just increased the immersion factor 1000% over the years. People have been moving the goal posts on what defines what is and what is not VR is ever since.
  4. No remorse about the 38" ultrawide OR the Odyssey+ here.
  5. Conversely, there is a self styled VR 'evangelical' crowd where any other preference or style is dismissed out of hand for not prosthelytizing the virtues of VR. And are somewhat gobsmacked that anyone could possibly have a different preference than their own. No where have I "flippantly" dismissed VR considering I actively use it regularly. The center word in DCS is combat. You don't have to be a stat whore to recognize that efficiency is diminished in spotting, identification and aircraft system control with VR. It's just the limitation of the current iteration of hardware a
  6. Immersion: When you first plop on a VR headset and see the interior of a cockpit in glorious 3d it is super impressive. Blows you away. But the effect diminishes over time (much like the effect of a 3d IMAX movie as the movie goes on). Spatial orientation: The benefit of VR in this regard is most pronounced during ground maneuvering or in close proximity to the ground (Helicopters!). The benefit significantly lessened at altitude unless you are in close proximity to another aircraft (formation/refueling). FOV is inferior in VR. All headsets have distortion the further
  7. I’ve got. 38” ultra wide and an odyssey+ Offline I play on the odyssey. Multiplayer I use my monitor. VR is just to much of a disadvantage imultiplayer. There's also the consideration of what else you might be using the display for. If you play other non VR games or do work on your PC a big ultrawide monitor is awful nice and more useful than a VR headset.
  8. VR is ok!! The immersion is neat but the effect wears off (much like a 3D imax movie) Other than immersion and spatial orientation, VR is grossly inferior to a good monitor. If you’ve got the spare cash laying around, give it a try.
  9. Yes it will follow your thp cursor if the tgp was SOI when you slaved sensors to it
  10. Is there anyway to make the HUD fit in the glass without having to to move your head to the point that your nose is smashed up against the fire extinguisher handle? Also, does zoom in/out not work in VR? (num* num/)
  11. Just got the Odyssey+ but I can't get more than 35 fps with dips below 30. This is while running settings at almost the bare minimum. System Specs: Win10 i7-8086k 32gb Ram EVGA 1080TI SSD
  12. I've only had VR for a short time. I mapped mouse clicks to my hotas and somewhat center my mouse. I dont have to touch my mouse to hit switches in the cockpit. I just look at the switch I want in the center of my view. so mouse tied to head movement/not should be a selectable option.
  13. Deft

    CH quality

    There a contact email in this thread http://www.ch-hangar.com/forum/index.php?/topic/7609-replacement-pots/ for Debbie at CH. If she’s still there, she’s awesome help for parts
  14. Deft

    CH quality

    I just sold my 20 year old fighter stick, pro throttle and pro pedals. A few years ago I contacted CH and told them I had tHis ancient hardware and was having problems with the pots and if there was a part number or manufacturer where I could source replacement pots. They sent me new pots for all of it free of charge.
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