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  1. Has someone else faced the "TTS 999" bug on SLAM? It happens very often for me, especially when Im firing the first SLAM. That symbol is indicated on DDI and I cant control missile on final stage.
  2. Thanks, that makes sense now BIGNEWY. Everyone will be happy then. Keep working and keep safe! :)
  3. Yes, but who needs upraged A-10 right now? Im sure that there are not many pilots, who wants it instead of finished F-16/F-18 or even Supercarrier. IMO at this moment DCS should focus their work on way more important and unfinished projects like F-16, F-18 and SC.
  4. Very nice campaign, already bought it. But why there are so few combat missions? Most of the missions in this campaign are trainings, reconnaissance flights, and flying in formation to salute a dead pilot... Its also very interesting, dont get me wront, but IMO it will be a lot more interesting if there are more combat missions.
  5. How can I refund that module? I'm just tired to all delays and waiting and I want my money back. That was the last DCS module for me. I have switched to another sim. Thanks.
  6. Well, well...I just cant believe this. Seems like ED lied us again: "Hornet will be out of EA by the end of 2020". :music_whistling: No, it will not be out from EA, it will be with 27 missing features, cmon. We wont have even main TGP (ATFLIR)... And no, I dont want to discuss that, I just want Hornet finished in the end of 2020.That was i paid for. 3 years for EA is more than enought, it should be finished a long time ago. But now we wont have it ready even in the end of 2020...
  7. Who is Kate Peredasko? Is she chief of DCS? Thanks.
  8. If we get anoter delay insted of Supercarrier tomorrow, that would be my quit from DCS...
  9. This Hornet's AG radar picture is from 2015....
  10. This screenshots have been there for a week. Only 2-3 new pics from today. We will see what is in newsletter...
  11. Yes, it is, why not? I`ve paid for it already. People trying to keep calm and distract and to have some fun in this situation. It will be right moment to have a SC. This module has been candelled once already. So I hope they wont cancell it again.
  12. Is that confirmed information? That we will have SC in 15th april? Hope ED won`t delay releasing of this module...like many others. Hope they wont, just once.
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