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  1. 461.71 driver it was the driver don't know why yet but reading on the NVIDIA forums some people like myself RTX3080s having issues with these drivers. roll back 461.40 fixed them.
  2. Well don’t know why on mine not, but I have a RTX 3080 and others are reporting the same issues with their 3080s . Might be my i9900k or could be a bottle neck? 4000 MHz ddr4 i9900k, RTX 3080. ? Ghost in the machine. Just glad I found the issue.
  3. so it turns out the latest nvidia drivers are fubared for the G2 and the RTX 3000 series cards. 461.72. don't use them for the RTX 3000 series nothing but issues with VR. for me any ways, the v1168 Steam VR is a big boost for the G2. Im seeing 70fps.
  4. found the issue its the latest NVIDIA drivers. something to do with RTX 3080's or 3000 series. I rolled back to the NVIDIA 461.40 and the RGB purple strip and frame loss is gone.
  5. here's some more applications issues with the new updates from Steam VR. Reverb G2 loading up after loading up playing so not sure what to make of this all started on wednesday, when Steam VR broke with the latest update for open xr VR, and DCS world Open beta not sure who broke which side. but it's VR related.
  6. dcs022820210710.log debrief.log here you go I still cant get instant maps to work the UI is smooth with great fps, in the G2 but as soon as I start the instant Normandy, P51D20na dogfight mission it craps out and take 10 minutes to load, back ground, after the update wednesday I did the usual repair and deleted the shader folder and FXO. When the game is loading the temp folder where it uploads, and the write /rewrite happens for DCS; I guess it's caching this area; fills my hard drive to full capacity. causing it to stutter. never
  7. it like the motion blur isn't working after wednesday update with DCS World OB and Steam VR open Xr now I have no idea whats killed the DCS frames to 7fps all maps, the UI is a solded 70fps. IL2 works no issues after the SteaM OPEN XR UIPDATE.
  8. this is what I'm getting now the Damn G2 is not framing right anymore after they did something.
  9. the last update my G2 no longer works with DCS it freaks out stutters and double screen stutter.
  10. Probably no missions for that weapons platform update yet? That’s my guess.
  11. Now I have rebind everything!!!
  12. for some reason I can't fix this issue? only this module is doing this. I have the inputs show working but in game there not.
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