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  1. Thanks for the insight.:thumbup: Will look into it and I have Chuck's guide in range to get going. :)
  2. Thanks for the really helpful replies! =) A little background: I'm slightly handicapped on one side, so I can't operate rudder pedals or a full hotas effectively (I have the pretty common T16000M in the DCS-Community). So the Stick gets stuffed to the limit with the essential functions and the throttle with the rest for the convenience, but a simultaneous operation of both would not ideal for a stable helicopter flight. :D Sry, should have given some more details beforehand, but think, I'll give the Gazelle a try (maybe that my best idea^^), because the KA-50 is not the most exciting th
  3. Hey, this video convinced me to give the Gazelle a try, but there is a little detail: Can you map the collective to push buttons or just to a axis? (Have to fly with one hand. :/ ) Thanks.:)
  4. I wouldn't hesitate to buy it for the eagle. :wub: - Consider this post as a push.:music_whistling:
  5. Seems fun, :) just a few questions: - Can I assign buttons of my joystick to the throttle instead of an axis (did that in the A-10C)? - If I would purchase it right now, am I able to fly it right away (on the DCS release built)? Thank you.
  6. I just bought the Mirage a few minutes ago and now I'm so happy to see such a nice news!:thumbup: What wise desision of mine.:music_whistling:
  7. @Rudel_chw Thx for your opinion, I just bought PG :music_whistling::holiday: (and the AV-8B:joystick:).
  8. I'm thinking about PG. :glare:
  9. Awesome News! Glad I bought the Viggen at the full price to support the team. An amazing jet is getting even better. The afterburner:worthy: Let's do the Viggen dance :cheer3nc:
  10. The moment you realize nothing happens although it should.:joystick: It was a looong ride to the stop. You gotta love the viggen in every second even in these situations, was fun.:D
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