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  1. Wow great point and shots! I Think you are on to it. I need to turn up distance fog and adjust my settings.
  2. I would add that it's not just reflectiveness and waviness but the SCALE of those waves. This has been an issue in sea rendering and special effects for decades. The old film Bridges at Toko-Ri and others with model ships on water (live action) suffer the same problem. I would suggest increasing the scale of the waves (smaller) so they match the terrain and adding more blend and dithering LODs to eliminate any "crisp glassy massively out of scale" waves from distracting from the scene. The last update is very promising and I have to try adjusting my settings to get rid of the new LOD box edges
  3. Another in cockpit view. Got a game crash on loading the viewing track afterward in game. Error report sent via DCS.
  4. Maybe this is a different issue but here is what I see. I'll check my settings too.
  5. Thanks just saw this today after the update. Really pronounced when viewing dogfights or target lock view externally. You can see the rectangular box in all the strange clipped edges on the clouds, matched to the aircraft/camera center point. So much so you can see gaps in the clouds with sky showing through. I'll grab a screenshot.
  6. If this gets fixed, more MiGs will be splashed. For some that's a problem, for others, not. ED please remember, the MiG-21 was (is) pretty awesome. Don't sweat the small stuff and just fix the Sabre.
  7. There are several known issues regarding the MiG and Sabre as indicated above. If you can do a little editing of the .lua files, you can practice more offline with a little more noob friendly settings, flight models, bullet, and gun dynamics. There are more threads here on the topic as well and I made a few posts of my MiG SFM edits that helped a lot. G limits, gun, and bullet edits make for a much more satisfying experience. As far as spotting goes, don't sweat using padlock especially if you don't have a VR cockpit or goggles. Remember, the DCS modules, as published are not perfect, so you d
  8. Yes, while great info, the business about feel and hydraulics is irrelevant. The problem is in the departure from history in the known, superior roll rate and high speed performance of the Sabre v, MiG. It's not an earth shattering problem. It's off by enough that many users have noticed it. If a few more MiG's get splashed as a result of a fix, too bad.
  9. Here's a little "Launch and Leave" comment. The Sabre was nerfed for subconscious reasons. The 10:1 kill ratio was disturbing for some coders and had to be dealt with in any way possible. Haha, just kidding. Happy New Year everybody!
  10. Thanks NineLine. A tip for practicing... edit the Mig-15bis.lua as well and change the max g limit to about 4 to 6 g's and limit the max bank angle to 70-80.' This will curb their aerobatic ability and make it a bit more realistic for a non g suit aircraft with non flying tail and thick wings. They still climb like Sputnik but if you yo yo out or hammerhead in the vertical and keep your nose below his, you can follow them through the vertical and close in a dive. Let them go higher and keep your speed usable. Wait for them to come back down.
  11. If you are starting at 30K ft. make them follow you down. Get them to commit at transonic speeds, like over 350. Pop your speed brakes and pull out. Watch them continue down and auger in with their thick wings an non flying stabs. Keep your speed up unless you can whittle down their numbers and spread them out. If you can keep a good range on them their canons won't hit you as easily. Practice fighting in the vertical. See if you can loop with them and score hits near the top of a loop and then on the diving side. Close but don't overshoot. When you follow them in the vertical roll out early a
  12. Just a nice screenshot after the last update. I reloaded my lua edits except for the MiG. :D
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