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  1. Thanks NineLine. A tip for practicing... edit the Mig-15bis.lua as well and change the max g limit to about 4 to 6 g's and limit the max bank angle to 70-80.' This will curb their aerobatic ability and make it a bit more realistic for a non g suit aircraft with non flying tail and thick wings. They still climb like Sputnik but if you yo yo out or hammerhead in the vertical and keep your nose below his, you can follow them through the vertical and close in a dive. Let them go higher and keep your speed usable. Wait for them to come back down.
  2. If you are starting at 30K ft. make them follow you down. Get them to commit at transonic speeds, like over 350. Pop your speed brakes and pull out. Watch them continue down and auger in with their thick wings an non flying stabs. Keep your speed up unless you can whittle down their numbers and spread them out. If you can keep a good range on them their canons won't hit you as easily. Practice fighting in the vertical. See if you can loop with them and score hits near the top of a loop and then on the diving side. Close but don't overshoot. When you follow them in the vertical roll out early a
  3. Just a nice screenshot after the last update. I reloaded my lua edits except for the MiG. :D
  4. Yes, ATC will tell you but to be honest, it's hard to discern some numbers in their radio voice. Sometimes "Two" sounds exactly like "Zero" and it's not even a "Five" or a "Niner." I normally fly out of Kobuleti and it happens from time to time.
  5. Awe nuts! Did the low angle rear light reflection get fixed? The glare on the instrument panel? That may have led to this. It was way strong, when taking off West in the morning with sun behind you.
  6. Of course. Still wonder why one has a line missing in the matrix when they were based on each other supposedly.
  7. Haha Javelina :D Their Rolls Royce was better, but in rocketry, "Our Germans were better than their Germans." Love that Von Braun quote. :D
  8. Ah interesting! And I did note that the matrix for the Sabre skips the Mach 0,1 line, implying it's the same as 0.0 or static thrust. This eliminates the "blip" I thought I saw in the first place, which again makes it moot, just like the fact that's it's AI SFM and not player input modelling. Changing the line entries in the list within the ~Airplace.lua does have an effect. (Not SFM) You can reduce g specs, active weapon distance, thurst, speed, g tolerance and other cool things. This is where we discovered the problem with the MiG-19 g tolerance being 200% of the natural scale in game.
  9. Still good at 2700 kg max thrust. :D And a 100 kg boost at Mach 0.2. ;)
  10. Haha, yes of course. What I found odd was that the MiG-15 didn't really have all that much more if that, and I wanted to understand why the SFM for the MiG had NO difference in thrust output between Mach=0 and Mach =0.1. As I look at the matrix again I see that the grid is different. Sabre skips M=0.1 and goes directly to 0.2, implying the same figure for 0.1 so I guess that's OK at this point. The MiG does have less loss from 0.2 to 0.3 which is the sweet spot I suppose. Also it's lower wing loading and higher trust to weight ratio explains a lot of it's known climbing advantage. So I guess t
  11. I am curious now that I decided to hack a little further into the performance of both of the Korean era ships. I looked at the engine performance figures, the matrices in the .luas and the facts about thrust performance with speed and altitude. But what I found may have been the easiest explanation of the "Sputnik" like performance of the MiG while the Sabre got doggedly slow at low energy. Now yes the climb performance was decidedly better for the thicker winged, higher thrust to weight ratio of the MiG, but this has more to due with weight and wing loading for the most part. Unless I am miss
  12. Dont't worry, the Sabre is still a good ship. When it come s to dogfighting, you may notice the points above. You will see shotgun like dispersion after a few bursts and not much effective range. After some time to get familiar, the next level will make these points more noticeable. The MiG has crazy strong climb at or near stall and the massive cannon will make the inaccurate machine gun dynamics more apparent. Roll rates are pretty accurate but player control at low speed in the Sabre will be more difficult than AI in the MiG. My worn out Cougar makes this all the worse but you will do a
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