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  1. Hey all, 


    I have a 3 month old 3070 8GB gaming OC rev 2.0 from my new NZXT build for sale. The card has not been overclocked.

    Asking $895 and I can ship Wednesday Nov 10th...


    There is no box since it came with a build.... 


    Thanks, Flim





  2. I have a new quick setup for VR mainly... F-16 VR with control mounts. This design can be cutout by hand and I will supply a full 3D model that can be viewed and modded on an IPad (Shapr3D) software/App.


    I’m looking at charging $30 for the 3D model and will include .dxf files if you want to CNC.


    Designed for 1/2 inch material or close to that... again, design can be modded based on your skills.


    I should have it ready in a few days if anyone is interested.


    Thanks, Flim




  3. I updated the top post with email/contact info....



    My plan is to release the F-16 Aces 2 Vr setup (pic in first post) and later the F-18 vr. These are not full pits...but plans will include the Seat, Rudder floor, and stick/throttle mounts. The expectation is not a 100% accurate replica, but will be a lot cooler than sitting in a computer chair.

  4. Hi all,



    Updating my post here for A-10C cockpit plans... I had a website, but taking it down. I'll be able to provide more assistance on this forum.


    I'm providing full CNC ready files for my design which I spent a lot of time testing. It's not perfect, but can be modified based on your skill level.


    The files are provided in .DXF Cad type and this format is not designed to be cut out by hand.


    Complete package is $75 (A-10C) Send payment to: Flim.vrpits@outlook.com    (PayPal)


    F-16 VR pit--- Coming soon


    I will email them as soon as possible... Note: based on your time zone it could be a few hours before I see the email because I'm probably sleeping!


    Includes: Aces Ejection Seat, Cockpit structure, and a Mod for the Thrustmaster Warthog.


    ----includes instructions with building techniques and (Freecad) files for 3d viewing----







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  5. I ordered a Rift off bestbuy as well at 3am in the morning... just happend to wake up and check. I have a Vive as well, so should be able to give some good insights to both sides. I've had a rift since early Dk1 days, curious to see Cv1.


    I bought it off BestBuy.com, got it two days later. I am cancelling my order with Oculus. There is a post by Platypus in this thread that tells you how to get it off best buy quickly.
  6. Very well said!


    The way a company runs and handle its product and userbase is as important as the product itself, especially considering that's what is defining the VR foundations of tomorrow's VR landscape we'll all be evolving in.


    I don't believe exchanging opinions on the matter is counter-productive or off topic, many people do take these things into consideration when making a VR HMD choice and I know a few people personally that genuinely think the Rift is the best unit for DCS yet they go for the Vive because of the way Oculus are handling things.


    That's, for some people, just as important as pixel density or a bigger FOV. :joystick:

  7. I've been an Oculus supporter before it was even on kickstarter.... bought DK1 in kickstarter #132, 2 dk2's and received the free CV1, but sold it for double and a half to build a new computer. Can't complain about that.... but facebook is greedy and will take away from VR to control it, so... I bought a Vive. Ya, it's heavier and more like a Dk2, but having full motion and haptic controllers is insane. My wife played Dk2 and she thought it was cool, but never asked to play it. Last night, she specifically asked, can I play the bow & arrow game in the lab? That was a first in 15 years...it's that compelling ( she said it was exercising that is fun), I agree to the workout side of it! The haptic feedback in the controllers is spot on and most people don't talk about it, but it's awesome. I have a hard time supporting the way Facebook Oculus is trying to run the show and pay off developers to make exclusives.... and their logistics sucks!!!

  8. Does anyone know of sombody with a cnc in so cal? I took flims seat plan to a cabinet maker, and he quoted me $750 + wood just for the seat. What is a decent price? My wife is understanding about my flight sim hobby, but those prices will land me in the divorce attorneys office.



    That's pretty high.... I'm not going to lie, it takes time finding someone who not rip you off!


    Maybe $500 for the seat cut max...

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