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  1. i would hope so. I remember doing the training missions before the midlife update and that worked fine. I notice it doesn't work anymore a couple of weeks ago...so who knows...
  2. I agree, this bug almost make me not to buy the Mirage because is kind of game breaking. I would like to hear something from the devs.
  3. Thanks for the info! I'm reeeally eager to learn it but in 6 hours im going to be away for 7 days so that's gonna have to wait :music_whistling:
  4. oh c'mon man! now you got me thinking about buying the Nevada Map as well :D... btw i did end up buying the Mirage :pilotfly:
  5. And what are your thoughts about the M-2000?
  6. I just asked the same question on Steam. The answer from NineLine: "The sale has started, but for some reason not all that should be on sale are, so we are looking into it."
  7. I'm also considering buying the Mirage 2000 as my first clickable plane (specially now that it's on sale). As far as i know there are a couple of bugs like the TWS Lock problem, but then again, which plane would you guys say is bug free? or at least reeeally stable and easy to learn as a first (clicklabe) plane?
  8. That's odd im using the Steam version as well (No Openbeta) i just created a mission and i can fly with the Su35 without any problems. Just to be clear there are NO missions by default on my installation. SO if i want to fly it i have to create a mission myself with the mission editor. Also check if the module icon appears on your main menu.
  9. I pasted the files in saved games../mod folder.
  10. I just tested out and both models worked fine.
  11. ohh my bad i thought it was FC3 :doh:
  12. Are you sure about this? i dont seem to have any other maps besides Caucasus :(.
  13. I read and watch youtube tutorials as well. I just like to do the missions too ´cause most of the time i understand the theory, but when i take control everything seems to vanish or just dont know how to react quick enough :lol: Thank you it seems like i have a good reading before going to bed!
  14. Hello, i bought a couple of days ago FC3 (Steam-Version) but the lack of in-game tutorials for other planes besides the su-27 its kind of frustrating. Is there a way to obtain those files for the steam version(GUI-App its only for the stand-alone version)?. I would be very grateful if anyone can help me!. Thanks!
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