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  1. I'll try, I refrained at first because of how many different replays there would be. But if thats needed then so be it.
  2. What are we looking at, we can't tell what backup mode you are in without seeing the cockpit (if thats what the point of the post is). I don't think I've ever seen MECH happen in DCS, I do think DEL does though.
  3. On the HSI there is a marker indicating bearing to the tacan, and another indicating the bearing away from the tacan.
  4. I have long suspected that the hornets AOA numbers are not accurate to real life for different phases of flight, in particular the AOA for maximum range and maximum endurance. NATOPS provides us with the concept that Max R and Max E can be flown approximately by flying at 4.2 or 5.6 AOA respectively. To test this in DCS I conducted the following test: Ideally we would have the same AOA numbers as real life so that we can use the same ROT as real life. However a compromise that I believe is necessary is that the AOAs are at least consistent so that we can lear
  5. Just use the stick, a quick dip of the right wing every so often will help counter the ships foward movement. Dont forget to compensate for the slight loss of lift with a bit of throttle as needed too.
  6. The textures and models for the deck crew are encrypted, because of their animations. I tried before to find somewhere to add glow in the dark gloves to the directors. I guess we just have to wait for ED to remember this module exists.
  7. If only there was some kind of free text communication in hornet that ED could add this to as an option to help players out. Maybe something like VMF on the CAS page ;)
  8. About time this finally gets sorted out, eh? ED?
  9. Would be really cool to see some realistic unreliability to the sensors in hornet. Stuff like RWR mippling, tpod INR drifting, imperfect point and area tracking, L&S that walks off the target sometimes, etc etc. Currently everything is super sterile and perfect, not only detracts from the 'immersion' IMO, but also gives people a false impression of these systems IRL.
  10. You are thinking of the DAC, the cross that appears in the HMD. This is something different.
  11. It is possible that the GBU38 uses the GBU31's ballistics for the range calculations, the same way GBU32 does. So perhaps the Max range isnt such a sharp line as you might believe. The operative word of AUTO/LOFT is the AUTO part. Lofting isn't really a thing. In my experience AUTO works very good.
  12. Your throttle doesnt need to be accurate, you arent looking to set the throttle. You need to constantly jostle back and forth, speeding up and slowing down very slightly to keep position.
  13. https://forums.eagle.ru/forum/english/digital-combat-simulator/dcs-f-a-18c-hornet/bugs-aa/7143968-reported-aim-9x-can-t-be-slaved-off-waterline-with-jhmcs Sounds like its this you are talking about.
  14. Yeah, it looks like Litening behaves differently than ATFLIR. I guess this should be moved to wishlist then.
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