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  1. Yeah thats where my hesitation is coming in, it does seem like something that could be easily 'masked' by OFFing the DL on the UFC.
  2. So, in a MIDS capable hornet, the MIDS and TACAN are part of the same system. Both are run through the MIDS LVT. This means that power to one system will also power the other system. I'm not 100% convinced, therefore, that this is a bug. The question I have is whether the reverse not being observed is the bug: when you power the MIDS, it doesnt make the TACAN function.
  3. There is some strange misconception that AUTO is somehow less precise or accurate than CCIP. Its the same bomb doing the same thing, AUTO and CCIP are just two different ways to fly to the desired BRP. As Harker said, start having a look at diving AUTO deliveries, it will change your life
  4. Precisely, it works its just bugged. I wouldn't classify it as something that ED need to explicitly list on their roadmap or anything.
  5. The mechanics for simultaneous QTY drops are already in DCS. It's just super buggy, so no one ever does it. Also the LAR indications on the HSI will need updating.
  6. I've noticed discrepancy between ME, Rearming menu, Checklist page and Calculated weights. None of them ever agree fully.
  7. I've never heard of that, but perhaps you are right. I will say that REF WP only has one entry in NATOPS and its in regards to GRID entry.
  8. I think there has been some arguments made by legitimate channels for specialised squadrons doing different missions with the same airframe. But afaik currently ever pilot in an airframe is trained the same.
  9. REF WP works as described in NATOPS. Boxing it will mean the GRID selection will start at the reference waypoint rather than the current aircraft position.
  10. Im a little confused what the problem is here tbh. GMT, Castle right to make ground track the TGT FLIR, Castle toward FLIR to make it TDC priority FLIR, use the TDC to slew the pod and press TDC to make the TGT track the pods cursor.
  11. Yeah, undesignating will remove the TGT making the TPOD go into snowplough mode. Hornet can only have one TGT at a time, you cant have one for the FLIR and one for the Radar if thats what you are asking.
  12. In essence, I'm not sure where ED are with their realism. But mode4 IFF shouldn't tell you if something is hostile, so you will be stuck with NCTR if you have no donors. So you will need to be fairly close and at an aspect close to nose or tail on, to get a good print.
  13. Mega, thanks Santi. I had started to suspect it was Helmet related.
  14. It does look like wind doesn't it. It's consistent with the wind direction at least. However, and its difficult to see, it looks like your bombs are in FF. So it shouldn't be affecting it that much. I would be interested to see whether you can reproduce this effect in a deliberate bug finding single player mission.
  15. Currently you are able to enter two different codes for Mode3 and ModeC IFF, this should be the same code carried between the two settings. Mode3bug.trk
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