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  1. for those who have the stable version of dcs do you need to make some changes?
  2. the IDEAL place for fly legendes historical place key place of the second world war ancenstral place of the knights Templar magical place and the ISLAND OF MALTA.
  3. MIG-17 USA catturato VIETNAM: Some North Vietnamese pilots preferred the MiG-17 to the MiG-21 because it was more agile, although not as fast; three of the 16 axes of the VPAF war (credited for shooting down five or more opposing aircraft) were from MiG-17 Mikoyan
  4. MiG-17F Fresco C Quando il VK-1F (forsag, postbruciatore) era disponibile il nuovo motore con postcombustore da 33,16 kN o 3 380 kg di spinta. Un prototipo che trasportava il nuovo motore, l'SF, una strana miscela di ala e coda MiG-17 e presa d'aria MiG-15, volò il 29 settembre 1951, con il collaudatore AN Chernoborov ai comandi. Il nuovo velivolo era molto simile al Fresco A, la differenza più grande era nell'ugello a geometria variabile che non era annegato nella fusoliera e negli aerofreni modificati, il tutto probabilmente dovuto alla nuova camera del postcombustore. Mentre la veloci
  5. loock this link: http://www.arcforums.com/forums/air/index.php?/topic/307102-airfix-new-tool-mig-17f/
  6. Mig 17 and a very small plane in size. VARIANT
  7. SERVER ID: I advise against accessing this server they are rude. every time i log in to the server they kick me out the rules are not described in english in the briefing and besides the server is free to all, so it means it's not private. the formations do not know how to do them accelerate decelerate the leader drives the wingman mad. in chat they do not write anything and the rules make them answer only to whoever they want.
  8. in the Mediterranean area the countryside has all the same peculiarities olive trees and dirt roads with dry stone walls. SPAIN-ITALY GREECE TURKISH EGIPT SYRIA LIBYA ALGERIA CROATIA ALBANIA. PHOTO add dry stone walls in the ME maps please ...........is TYPICAL scenatios.
  9. they updated the files of the MIG-21 aaaaaaaaaaa it was time they did. nobody makes skins for mig 21 they are all good at making skins F-16 F-18 P-47 only American aircraft. Thus you learn to be presumptuous.
  10. Frecce Tricolori Simulator motion 360 SPHERICAL MACHINE SOLUTION.
  11. you forgot the Fiat G-91 in italy they trained with the flight between the alps and at low altitude with the g-91 during the cold war.
  12. even tanks use chaffs and flares as countermeasure systems. in DCS chaff and flare for tanks I haven't seen them
  13. during the cold war this plane was really scary. The real reasons for the cancellation of the Arrow program remained shrouded in mystery until September 1976, when Soviet pilot Viktor Belenko defected with his powerful Mikoyan-Gurevich MiG-25 fighter and landed in Japan. After the disappearance of the Arrow, the MiG-25 was in fact the only interceptor in the world capable of flying at speeds of over Mach 2. Western military experts examined the deserter's MiG-25 and found striking similarities to the Avro Arrow (prior to the MiG-25 by a few years), both in terms of performance and dimension
  14. Mig 17 is evolution of mig 15 the difference is the wing change to 35° at 45° copare mig 15 to mig 17
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