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  3. ho visto le recensioni di MFS2020 e bello di grafica mappa mondiale satellitare bellissima ma forse ci sono alberi sovradimensionati grandi quanto un palazzo e anche esageratamente diffusi e alcune imperfezioni su chiese monumenti e siti di grande rillevanza culturale tipo il colosseo o tipo il castel del monte o tipo la torre di pisa. il simulatore sembra bello ma ci sono molti ma e domante che mi chiedo MFS2020 dal punto di vista di DINMICA FISICA e COMPOTAMENTI FISICO DINAMICI del volo non mi sembra cosi perfetto ve lo di mostro in questo video dove e rappresentato una semplice procedura
  4. Richard Benson [YOUTUBE]ZKE7ijf1ur0[/YOUTUBE] [YOUTUBE]vltrBLuucfU[/YOUTUBE]
  5. [YOUTUBE]znD8tXq6edg[/YOUTUBE]
  6. ok I solved the problem by uninstalling the drivers of my joystic and the vindows has now inserted the generic joystik drivers. now the trimm commands of the su-25-t respond to the problem and that I have deleted the data of the old joystic configuration. I have to deduce then that the latest DCS update does not recognize the DRIVERS of my PXN 2113. PXN DRIVER LINK http://www.e-pxn.com/products/arcade-stick/pxn-2113
  7. keep a safe distance between one aircraft and another during the TAXY or in formation flight never approach behind another aircraft. in DCS this rule is not respected because there is no physical effect the damage caused by the afterburners of an airplane I would like to be implemented. this is what could happen if an aircraft is not at a safe distance from a post burner. [YOUTUBE]MyMaM4aIqZk[/YOUTUBE]
  8. Xilon_x


  9. and how do you make a repair?
  10. I tried to do as you wrote to me and it doesn't work. I reviewed my bug well and I explain in more detail what happens to me. the trim - up keys is LCTRL +. ok I set it on my hotas I tried it both on keyboard and on hotas and they don't work but if I look at the cockpit there are the trim lights that go off when you use them and they work. the lights work and the trim doesn't work.
  11. and this is the modfire.lua of the over 25 t modifiers.lua
  12. dcs.log this is my file log the real problem is not the joystik but if I use the keys the trim doesn't work. in addition I want to warn you that I do not use OB but the stable version.
  13. you used my old sidewinner now I use a PXN-2113.
  14. no i don't see any associated red line. this is my file rar su-25T.rar
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