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  1. Come poteva essere un ipotetico mig-21 Italiano?
  2. after alignment, EHSI is red and not green. the EHSD map when you change the zoom scale has black holes and is not visible.this is stable version
  3. yes i see it ank you dor information
  4. it's one of my wishes http://www.rafjever.org/vamp5pic050.htm
  5. ufc? can you explain to me how to set the digital clock in my ufc? thanks for the information
  6. no no no I'm so sorry with the radio off and with the roof open, the rearmament is fully functional. sorry or wrong I would like to delete this topic how to do it?
  7. Thanks Razbam with the new update you have fixed the chronograph operation, but on the right side of the cockpit there is a clock that tells the Zulu time and it cannot be adjusted there are two adjustment buttons but it does not work. in the next patch activate the adjustable clock operation on the right side of the cockpit.
  8. rearming, in the refueling and skin panel it does this only if apu is on or if the engine is on, in reality the rearm is done with the engine off.
  9. ho visto le recensioni di MFS2020 e bello di grafica mappa mondiale satellitare bellissima ma forse ci sono alberi sovradimensionati grandi quanto un palazzo e anche esageratamente diffusi e alcune imperfezioni su chiese monumenti e siti di grande rillevanza culturale tipo il colosseo o tipo il castel del monte o tipo la torre di pisa. il simulatore sembra bello ma ci sono molti ma e domante che mi chiedo MFS2020 dal punto di vista di DINMICA FISICA e COMPOTAMENTI FISICO DINAMICI del volo non mi sembra cosi perfetto ve lo di mostro in questo video dove e rappresentato una semplice procedura
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