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  1. But you know there's still quite a lot of "Liberties" being taken with the modeling of the AMRAAM.
  2. Especially since,.........This is what ED is doing with the AMRAAM.
  3. Also, Dive into it. climb to 45k and dive to 30k while accelerating. You have to think of it like getting on a step. Accelerating is more work than staying that speed.
  4. Its mostly carrier code stuff. The Stennis was always a temp carrier, and the code and SDK for the Super Carrier is still far from complete and wasn't written with the Tomcat in mind.
  5. Observed the same problem.
  6. Ugh really? 2.7 is coming that soon?
  7. Just noticed tonight while futzing with the autopilot, once it's engaged and used, then turned off, weird happens with the trim and FFB. Either the Trim itself, or the FFB's reaction to the trim goes backwards. So pulling nose up trim makes the FFB center move forward, and vice versa for nose down trim. Once the plane has Weight on Wheels it behaves normally again. I've used both the Autopilot Engage off, and the paddles, but something isn't turning off or something until it gets weight on the wheels. Even with Roll and Pitch SAS off it just won't behave right in the FFB stick. Li
  8. I believe right now no. But never used them in the Tomcat so don't quote me.
  9. Or just have it so Early 135 A's have white C's and Late A's and B's have Grey C's. I do wish we had navy bombs. but we still don't even have desert cammo for ground units in Syria/PG so not holding my breath.
  10. Yea, this one has been here since launch. My guess is it's one of those where they have to re-write stuff but low on the priority since only nerds like us use it and there's still lots to do.
  11. Uhhhhhh You really said that? You especially? The most argumentative member of Heatblur?
  12. No like ACTUAL inertia. They aren't respawning in the world model with the correct energy and velocities. Or something very much like that. The handover has always been....shakey. Especially in MP.
  13. Keep in mind also, weirdness happens when a weapon leaves a pylon in DCS. It gets swapped from the airplane model to the world model and looks like it may not have the right inertia when it switches to the world model. So it may be a problem inherent in the F5, but not actually an F5 problem, but a weapon problem on the world side.
  14. This is weird, but set strength to 99 not 100. I never have this issue but I went to 99 a while back when there was another issue and never changed it.
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