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  1. As everyone who uses a VR headset knows, "Works" and "Supported" are two very diffrent things.
  2. Yes, and presumably the only time you would need it to act as a button would be when you're in Sparrow and need to switch to Phoenix. The Physical stop is well physical, the sim doesn't need to perform the action because you're already doing it in hardware. I honestly have no idea why the Off to Guns press is there at all. I use the "CMS" L and R positions on my modified B8 stick for cycling up and down and it goes from Off to guns no problem without having to pretend some kind of off to gun interlock. I do wish it was smart enough to click "up" from Sparrow to Phoenix as opposed to requir
  3. Yea, only 218 individual posts to check through. If only there was some kind of program that could collect DATA, and put it like, in a BASE that could be easily worked with and ordered and displayed. Some kind of Baseing of data program or something.If only this computer thing wasn't only good for games, snark, and dirty pictures....If only.
  4. And If I were to enjoy exercise, I'd probably be in shape.
  5. I recall it having worked in the past. Or maybe it was just the RMI for a TACAN station. Get this, Emergencies. NATOPS directs you to use it when you lose system pressure, Low for Inflight, High as you drop in the Groove. There's also an un-followable directive to bend the tab up on the landing gear handle to keep the system in Flight Isolation with the gear down incase your Combined system is leaking at the power transfer pump so you don't turn a one side catastrophic loss into a full dual system loss.
  6. Can't That's what most people do, it's a trivial amount of work, but needs to be re-done EVERY UPDATE. Their plan was to not start on doing any of them until everything else is done.....which given the track record of the A-6 AI, Forrestal, Draken AI, and Both Tomcat AND Viggen Early Access "timeline" may be some time.
  7. Lots of factors, type of mic, sampling response, mic preamp power, mic compressor headroom, where they decide to lay the frequency sweet spot during mastering (the older you are the lower down the frequency range it usually goes.) Like Photography it's an Art not a Science, the recreation of "truth" is meaningless as there's always function compromises being made due to the tools used and the ears making the recording.
  8. They keep kicking that can down the road. They say it will be the last thing in Early Access for some reason.
  9. Supercarrier Officially DOES NOT support the F-14. According to ED. They built it as a Hornet Addon only and are now hands in pockets about sorting it out. Money well spent.
  10. Now is that an F-14 Oxford Comma or the Barbarian F-14 Comma usage? Also be sure the MP server doesn't have Easy Radio turned off if you're trying to use "/" to make Comms.
  11. Yea the super carrier can only think in Hornet. Both sides are still playing the "not my fault" game on who's job it is to implement that, because DCS has leadership problems.
  12. Why does everyone say "Enter the contest" This is serious work and they should ALL be included by HeatBlur (and they should be compensated for them). Not just one of them as a maybe for a gimmick promotion. HB is already chugging a few cylinders short due to the A release push, I don't understand the attitude of "No we're going to just re-invent the wheel and do it ourselves." Get these in the Game so we can use em on Multiplayer dang it!!
  13. Thing to remember is NAVY Tomcats never made a kill with a Phoenix EVER. They only have like 5 confirmed kills at all 2 SU-22, 2 Mig-23, a Mi-8 and possibly but not verified Iranian F4. All with Sidewinder and Sparrow. Until the Bombcat the threat of 6 Phoenixes was good enough that you didn't actually have to bother loading Phoenixes. Most of the F-14's body count was all Ground attack and recon. Ironically its biggest success came as being exactly the Navy F-111 it was originally conceived to be.
  14. Are you using the Radio1 or Radio2 transmit button or the "/" Comms menu?
  15. And the damn Forrestal carrier that's now easily a year late.
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