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  1. While I don't mean to derail whatever this thread has become, in response to the suggestion in msalama's original post, I wanted to say this: While it seemed counter-intuitive to me to increase sensitivity for an aircraft which seemed to be balanced on a razor's edge already, I adjusted the "curvature" in my rudder axis in the Huey to -20 just to see. There's a bit of subjectivity to this, but the aircraft seems to me to be much more stable than before. If it matters, I use CH pedals, and while I now need to use them throughout the flight to keep the ball centered (before, with no curvat
  2. I wanted to resurrect this slightly old thread on the relative uselessness of the AI door gunners of late - something I and others posted on above - to note that something seems to have changed for the better. My post is not about whether miniguns can penetrate armor or should be able to - I have no opinion on that - but rather is summed up by Zaphod's comment above: "The thing is, they don't shoot at soft targets much either." Yeah. I have a variety of missions we use in multiplayer which used to be balanced, but at some point the AI gunners became shy about firing on even soft targe
  3. sirrah, Very, very nice, thanks for sharing it! I've done a couple of templates which are similar, but much less detailed than this one, and so I can only guess at the many hours it took to line things up, get it just right, etc. I think this one is beyond my current talent and/or patience, but I'm glad you did it and that I can just glom onto it. I might even learn a few things from it! FWIW, I agree with you about omitting mods, at least for scenarios designed for multiplayer. Yes, mods are plentiful, easy to get and load, and many are very nice indeed. But as soon as DCS changes som
  4. If Huey miniguns couldn't kill BMPs and such, then fine, they shouldn't in DCS, and mission designers can take that into account when creating a Huey mission, or modify existing missions that have the Huey up against armor that it shouldn't be able to kill (e.g., change the enemy unit to something softer, add in some AI bombers, whatever). But I am wondering whether the change they made to the AI earlier - where as I recall they said that the gunners will no longer try to fire though buildings and such - may be slightly overdone when it comes to troops in forest cover. I fly several MP s
  5. Spiceman, If there is a trick, I'm unaware of it. Maybe someone else knows more, but what I've found is that an infantry unit spawned on one island will misbehave if you embark them on one island and disembark them on another island. They will not go to their next waypoint on the other island, and instead they either mill around aimlessly, or sometimes seem to want to return to their original spawn island. I haven't tested in a while, but in some cases, they walk into the ocean toward the original spawn island until their heads are just below water, at which point they stop. Not sure if
  6. steelrfan85, I'm not the expert here nor am I sure this does exactly what you want, but . . . when I want ground units to make smoke temporarily, I create a static zone into which the units move or are already within, make the Condition PART OF GROUP IN ZONE, and then make the Action either SMOKE MARKER (smoke emanates from the center of the zone) or SMOKE MARKER ON UNIT (smoke emanates from a unit itself), set with an altitude of 1 and whatever of 5 colors you want. Once triggered, the smoke goes for 5 minutes and then cuts off. Note that in both cases, the smoke stays where it was origin
  7. A101Wayz, Good point! I hadn't thought about that as I've only used the above to detect a landing on a stationary object. But I just tested it, and you're right, the speed of the carrier the unit is landing on does affect the unit's speed for purposes of the UNIT SPEED LOWER THAN parameter. I didn't try it with a moving zone, but I bet that won't change anything. So, in the example above, assuming the carrier is moving, you'll need to change the "lower than" speed to something just above the carrier's speed, whatever you've set that to be. Thanks for noting that! I've edited my
  8. "I´m not expert in the Mission Editor" Yeah, me neither! But I think that one way to do this would be to create a moving zone on the carrier, then have a ONCE trigger with three conditions: (1) UNIT INSIDE MOVING ZONE set to the moving zone you just created, and the unit you want to disappear; (2) UNIT'S SPEED LOWER THAN 1, again set to the unit you want to disappear; and (EDIT: if your carrier is moving, I think you'll need to set this speed to just above the carrier's speed) (3) unit's AGL ALTITUDE LOWER THAN 70 feet. I think 70 feet is just over the altitude of a carrier - it
  9. While I'm not the expert on this, in my experience the answer is no, you don't have to include the .ogg file when you send missions to others. When you save your mission with a functioning sound event, the sound is part of the .miz file, so anyone running that file will hear the sound. You will notice that the size of the .miz file increases noticeably when you save it with a sound event. And if you're the host for the multiplayer event, you don't have to send anyone anything - they will hear the sound event as programmed by your .miz file. P.S. You can set the sound to be heard by
  10. Thanks for the quick replies and suggestions - some additional thoughts: I am positive that the other player is connected to the server and actually flying when the radio messages are first sent - most of them take place 30 minutes or more after the scenario starts. So I think whatever I'm doing wrong is not related to whether the other player is in the scenario. I also wanted to ask more about this response from Johnny Rico: "manual loop will work (but not loop inside radio command)" I think that's how I'm trying to do it, a loop inside the radio command. When the unit gets to t
  11. Can anyone tell me what steps are necessary to have the other player(s) in a multiplayer scenario be able to see/hear broadcast FM channels? This is in reference to the Huey, but probably pertains to any other aircraft. I have a scenario with downed pilots who activate and broadcast on an FM channel, and the idea is that the Hueys use that broadcast as a homing beacon to go find and rescue them. It works flawlessly for me as the server host, but the other player does not get any of those broadcasts, no matter what I do. I've done it several different ways to try and make it work, most
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