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  1. Thank you everyone for your advice, I will try all and see, fingers crossed :)
  2. open beta (have not checked World) on Grim Reaper server The compass and header will say I am travelling at 270 (due west) where in fact I am travelling approx. 00 degrees (due north) according to map and unit selected information panel. Not sure the exact error in degrees about 90, happens with FC3 Su 25 T, not Su27 or A10A not checked other units in FC3. No one else on GR server having similar problem so unit or me specific. I have clear hud glass mod installed
  3. Hi, does anyone have a link for download of the Su-25T and SU-25A layered texture template. Many thanks LAx
  4. Thanks for the info guys, sorry it was a repetitive question. Su-35 being too modern, fair enough. The reason why I posted this is that I like flying DCS and do like the feel of the Russian and Chinese birds. Sadly flying these and the FC3 models in VR as they are low fidelity models makes it difficult as all functions are either key-mapped or need to be mapped to the HOTAS, that is a lot of buttons. Having some in cockpit function for the Su's and Mig 29's would be good. High fidelity or face-lift versions of the FC3 planes like they are doing with the KA-50 would be really great
  5. Great that another modern high fidelity plane is being released but we really could do with one from Russia. I would love to see the Su-35 in the same detail as the F-18/ F-14 and this new F-16. I know there is a Su-35 mod about but a heatblur or ED backed module would be both fantastic and balanced.
  6. Knock-knock, thank you for replying just re-downloaded and now am getting the layers. Guessing original files were corrupted in the download. Thank you so much :)
  7. I am using photoshop CS2 as well as photoshop elements. The specular files open with errors and my photoshop renders them badly and the F-5e3_wing_template just opens as flattened image with wire frame outline, not dirt, decals etc like the others
  8. Hi, Can anyone help. I downloaded the F-5E skin template off DCS downloads and am having problems opening the wings section as it only loads as a flattened image and not with separate layers. All other sections opened as layered files. Does anyone have a PSD file with layers for the wings section? Many thanks Lisa
  9. Yeah, I also get the same, can scroll through all settings, narrow band to wide band angle and manually increase and decrease elevation and nothing shows. Also, when on 140 maximum angle if the plane is just off level flight the azimuth line sticks at the side but if I bank it doesn't
  10. I found that if auto rudder is selected and take-off assistance turned to zero then the plane is far easier to control in take off and landing
  11. have you got take off assist and auto rudder both engaged. Also auto rudder can reduce roll and improve stability in level flight
  12. Had no response from here, Logitech forum so refunded joystick
  13. Problem: without touching the controller and pedals my Dora slowly rolls and dives to the left. Also Take off is a little difficult. What I have done: Removed all X52 and pedal bindings (key and axis) with all other planes, this did make take off a lot easier. Checked the windows calibration, all spot on in centre no drift or sticking on movement. Flown with input window open, gets strange now. The rudder marker is slightly right of centre. If I move my pedals to align correctly in centre it rolls and dives faster to the left. All other controls show centre. Removed the aircraft control
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