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  1. Weird, I don't have this issue, is it with coldstart or hotstart aircraft? Also I think the gyro compass doesn't drift, which is understandable that it's not simulated, but would be cool.
  2. First test (no trackfile available): Coldstart aircraft, takeoff, gear up, then: - Throttle starboard engine: Idle - RPM starboard engine: Fully back - Feathering: Push Nothing happened, the engine didn't fully feather, and the feathering pushbutton stuck pushed in, couldn't pull it out again (as stated in the manual). Second test (Trackfile attached): Instant action "Free Flight" Channel - Throttle starboard engine: Idle - RPM starboard engine: Fully back - Starboard Feathering Pushbutton: Push - When engine stopped: starboard fuel cock: Off, starboard magnetos: Off Step I forgot: starboard radiator was kept open. Now the prop feathered properly, the engine stopped, all perfect. Until after a while, the engine started windmilling again at relatively high RPM, thus producing too much drag, so I had to get fuel and magnetos back on. Trackfile: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1c427g56ZAtA7yIzj3hPTzS05CXFuaOVV/view?usp=sharing
  3. 100% agreed. I'd even keep it out for gun strafing and bombing.. better to get use to angles and stuff and use "the force" than needing to lean over like that and use a sight that blocks important instruments.
  4. Rift S, RTX3070, 7800k Mosquito in channel, mostly fine but some stuttering once in a while (and once it went on for like 4s and I almost crashed due to it).
  5. I bet IRL they'd remove the circuit breaker for that thing if possible XD
  6. This was a known issue in early war Spitfires and Hurricanes, but was fixed in 1941: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Miss_Shilling's_orifice
  7. Even better here in Europe, hopefully drops Friday evening
  8. You got it wrong. He states that they alternated which engine to start first to check on the vacuum pumps. I'm talking about which MAGNETO on either engine to flick up first - before even starting the engine.
  9. Yeah there's a lot missing in that video. Clearing the engines (he mentioned it on the flaps) as well. Compared to that, I still facepalm in the startup video, when he puts an emphasis on how you enable the LEFT magneto switch FIRST! - as if that makes any sort of difference, while other things that were omitted most definitely would!
  10. I can do that, but I don't see how that disallows me to prefer the thing to be released bug-free rather than too early.
  11. You can only do that on the general Early Access idea, where ED tells you what's included and what's not. Now with the Mossie, I'm Ok with what's included. What I'm talking about is the stuff you don't know until after early access release - how bug-ridden the aircraft is. See how the F-16 came out back in the day So I'd rather not have them release it early due to some sort of pressure, but get rid of most of the bugs.
  12. Or September 15 bc that's the date given on Steam.. Or whenever, bc really, they'll release it when ready. I don't like it either, I'd rather fly that beauty today than tomorrow.. but then, I'd rather fly it feature complete and bugfree, so I can wait.
  13. Geilä Siech! Haha, couldn't resist.. awesome, looking forward to them!
  14. Wasn't an FB Mk.VI but.. oh hell, yes! Are you volunteering to make one? XD
  15. Just chiming in on the topic to show ED that it's not a new or unusual request, yes every WW2 aircraft should get chocks! Sidenote: British accent voicelines please!
  16. Well, yeah.. I was more confused about the 'run the starter' callout for the priming, than the accent.
  17. Check the youtube startup video, you can clearly see the option in the ground crew menu
  18. That's a real pity to hear, I was about to buy it and fly it with my pilot. Wouldn't it be possible to build F-14 campaigns as multiplayer-capable from the start? I mean I guess there are quite a few F-14 solo pilots out there, but for those who fly it as a team, it's a huge bummer, we were looking for some content to play together.
  19. I love this thing, can't wait to launch AGM-114s with that. Do we need some sort of camera pod for that or can you implement the HF sensor directly to a display?
  20. Resolved with this, misunderstanding: The DDD in the pulse doppler search modes displays returns at azimuth versus rate (closing speed) meaning that by reading only the DDD the RIO can only discern target closing speed and azimuth. The display indicates observed closure rate vs the ground (with own airspeed subtracted) as opposed to relative closure rate. While this means that a target directly ahead, moving directly towards the radar, will show true target airspeed this speed varies with target aspect and radar antenna azimuth. This reason for this is that the radar itself only reads relative airspeed which is then modified by subtracting own airspeed for display on the DDD.
  21. Current open Beta version, in the screenshots I'm in TWS, picture 1 is a closure rate of 1088Kts, picture 2 is 801Kts. According to the DDD-Picture I shared, in Target aspect "beam", the lines all the way to the right of the DDD should be 200Kts apart, so I would expect to see at least that amount of difference between the two screenshots, but they're pretty much the same. Same issue in PD Srch but ofc harder to prove as I don't have a second source to show closure rate.
  22. Didn't record a track but confirm the bug. D Version doesn't handover correctly and H version doesn't lock (but slews correctly). PS: Not always, but sometimes, maybe pilot error but haven't yet found out what I did differently, trying it like Wags on the Video. I mostly have to manually lock the Mavericks in the WPN page TMS up.
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