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  1. I love this thing, can't wait to launch AGM-114s with that. Do we need some sort of camera pod for that or can you implement the HF sensor directly to a display?
  2. Resolved with this, misunderstanding: The DDD in the pulse doppler search modes displays returns at azimuth versus rate (closing speed) meaning that by reading only the DDD the RIO can only discern target closing speed and azimuth. The display indicates observed closure rate vs the ground (with own airspeed subtracted) as opposed to relative closure rate. While this means that a target directly ahead, moving directly towards the radar, will show true target airspeed this speed varies with target aspect and radar antenna azimuth. This reason for this is that the radar itself only reads relati
  3. Current open Beta version, in the screenshots I'm in TWS, picture 1 is a closure rate of 1088Kts, picture 2 is 801Kts. According to the DDD-Picture I shared, in Target aspect "beam", the lines all the way to the right of the DDD should be 200Kts apart, so I would expect to see at least that amount of difference between the two screenshots, but they're pretty much the same. Same issue in PD Srch but ofc harder to prove as I don't have a second source to show closure rate.
  4. Didn't record a track but confirm the bug. D Version doesn't handover correctly and H version doesn't lock (but slews correctly). PS: Not always, but sometimes, maybe pilot error but haven't yet found out what I did differently, trying it like Wags on the Video. I mostly have to manually lock the Mavericks in the WPN page TMS up.
  5. Not great for me, I set all my settings so they run smooth on every map even in large scale multiplayer so far, but flying NOE east of the Sea of Galilee into the Golan Heights, without huge cities or anything, I had very slight stuttering almost all the time. Will test in more detail after deleting the shader stuff and cleanup and repair.
  6. As already explained by RePhil, ED broke it long time ago and PC is waiting for ED to release their MultiCrew API (Multicrew for the Huey and Mi-8), then it will be fixed. On the shutdown issue, it doesn't really shut down, it's just not synchronized so for the copilot it seems like it shuts down. The pilot can fly as usual, but all the bugs combined don't make multicrew much sense atm.
  7. Hello rotorheads Many are hyping for the OH-58D Kiowa release by Polychop this year. Be aware that we are already training to fly Attack-Reconnaissance missions in the Gazelle and Ka-50 currently to later get a smooth transition to the Kiowa without needing to start anew with tactics and procedures. Join us now, train hard and become an Attack-Recon pilot, it's just going to get better with the Kiowa. More info here: https://forums.eagle.ru/showthread.php?p=4430959
  8. Absolutely. We start training seriously on the Gazelle, developing tactics that work in DCS and training on the flying style we need for a Scout to work. This combined with flying the Huey on an advanced level should make the transformation to the Kiowa easy when we finally get it.
  9. Just noting that the F-14 is out and seems to work, I'm flying it in multicrew on a daily basis and only rarely encounter issues. Even looking into the front cockpit from the rear seat, everything seems to work.
  10. Yep in my experience, the main issue is desync, very often the copilot doesn't even see the rotor moving.. We also still got issues for the copilot slewing camera controls sideways.. I had to use the rudder to align with that tank :D
  11. @Swatstar: I had a short look for NADIR Bugs in this forum and didn't find any that fit my issue, thus I opened a new one. @Polychop: Thanks for clarifying, I really hope that will be fixed some time, I really enjoy flying in multicrew, especially in bigger missions with several flights in the air and many radio comms going on, sharing some load with my copilot is really useful.
  12. Description: We flew the SA342L in Multicrew, mostly on hotstart aircraft, but the bug also happened on coldstart. Mostly, the bug shows as follows: NADIR working for the pilot, then the copilot enters the aircraft, for him, NADIR is completely black. For the pilot, NADIR display works, but with ERR in lower left. When the copilot does entries (eg. changing waypoints), the pilot sees it correctly in the display, but the waypoint system doesn't work in the Nav / HSI and DME. Recycling NADIR off and on doesn't help. DCS Version: Current openbeta as of December 09, 2018 Steam: No Ma
  13. Eviscerador I think the FM will still be challenging for a casual user, although maybe a little bit easier, but it will never be as easy and forgiving as a Huey or Mi-8, simply because the rotor does have less inertia and it is a light helicopter. But I'm really looking forward for those many discrepancies in the FM being ironed out.
  14. Primary: Pro Flight Trainer Puma (I mainly fly choppers) Secondary: TM Warthog + Saitek Combat Pedal PS: I think one of the 10 should've been 'Other'.
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