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  1. I checked the mission in the editor and it's 6kts at bearing 209
  2. Not sure if this is a bug. But normally an F14 would need around 1300 ft to reach minimums. In this video I use around 300 ft. This is the default quick start mission on PG map Case 1 recovery.
  3. Thanks! I forgot about the multiplayer clearing mechanic for re-spawn and disconnects. Thanks for clearing this up. Made for some interesting day dreaming during work! Lol
  4. I know the GCAS is planning to be implemented but I can't help to ask - what's going to happen when the GCAS is implemented and your pilot gets killed. There just going to be a bunch of F-16's floating around with corpses in multiplayer?
  5. My eyes are bleeding reading this. Just the fact that it's even possible - and can be so blatantly stolen.:disgust: With all the hard work and dedication that went into creating DCS to what it is; thinking of all the people involved. Just to have all stolen and re-branded as original content from another party is beyond me. Really upsets me :bomb: Let me paint the Mona Lisa and claim it my own..It's a shameful act.
  6. I plan on working to to try to gather more information - test this issue a bit further and post it here.
  7. Thanks Mike! I just wasn't sure it was okay to post here or If I should've stuck with the skinners thread, thanks for that clarification. I know you guys are pretty swamped. Glad to even see a response - it's big deal to have to go through each thread, read the bug, and post a response! LOL nothing I'd ever take for granted. Appreciate all you guys are doing.
  8. I'm uploading a livery and I've been stuck on "File is processing on the server, wait... " Is this normal? It's 289MB in file size in .rar.
  9. This could be huge, as I've also noticed that the F-18's data link shows more hits than what the F-14 does. I have to completely change my strategy for engagements; and in tacview - I often find myself turning cold on targets mapped by AWACS 10-15 NM from me and fleeing from engagements that I could other wise have the advantage. Is this a limitation of the F-14's equipment?
  10. Tough to say where this really belongs - It seems to be some where in the middle between the bit mapping and the texture. But I'd imagine just moving to the texture would be easier.
  11. Anyone notice for all the default HB textures - this little detail is off by a little bit? I tired to report this on the skinners thread but it went unnoticed. I believe it's that way on both sides. I corrected it on my own livery. There's also some backward text on the starboard side. Now that I've noticed it - it's hard to ignore lol -corrected example below-
  12. Anyone notice for the default this little detail is off by a little bit? [ATTACH]214301[/ATTACH] I changed it on this F14 stored in a barn for 15 years I've been working on. [ATTACH]214302[/ATTACH]
  13. This is good to know! The F14 is already packed full of small historical details so hopefully it doesn't change and make it the final draft. Even though it was subsequently removed in the later F14 variants. . It was a staple for the A variant for a short time and it's inclusion will keep it from being forgotten entirely (lol) while maintaining your high standards for fidelity.
  14. Layman's Explanation below The Standard quick mission against the Mig - 21 with the ai set to excellent. I'm successful usually 90% of the time - unless I'm being lazy. I try to challenge myself and hold off on using missiles. While letting the Mig 21 maintain the extra munition advantage. I find if you drive the Mig 21 low, it's a pretty easy win. Also try to remember that the Tomcat is pretty strong in a vertical climb and low speeds. The Ai constantly attempts to have you over shoot by burning it's energy, so keep that switch for the airbrake close and handy. Observe what the Ai is trying to do for speed. Also if you're not confident with the bird to counter stalls with rudder input - it can make BFM a lot more complicated and difficult. So hone that skill quickly.
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