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  1. I think it is meant to be a *.bat file instead of a *.bin file, no?
  2. Du meintest sicher die GBU-10.
  3. AFAIK you have to install it via the module-manager, available in the main menu, until they put the last version on their website.
  4. That's the signal light for the AN/APS-13 rear warning radar, shown on pg. 46/47 of the manual.
  5. If you want to overclock that 3570K (and that is pretty much the main reason to get the K-model), the motherboard should be based on the Z77 chipset.
  6. Regardless if you use TARGET or Foxy, if you want to use those knobs as axes, you have to do so directly in the sim in the "Axis Commands" pulldown of the control menu.
  7. I just see M-60s for the door gunners in the shot, the miniguns are controlled by the co-pilot (=M21 Armament Subsystem).
  8. No problems with alt-tabbing on my system.
  9. Options -> Controls -> UH-1H Sim -> Axis Commands -> "Corrector" - that's the axis you want to map.
  10. Did you install the A-10C module for World?
  11. http://forums.eagle.ru/showpost.php?p=1736997&postcount=8
  12. Not to mention that the price for the release version will be $ 50,- opposed to the pre-purchase (=beta) which goes for $ 40,- plus there is not much time left, as the 1.2.4 patch will be out shortly and with it the beta becomes the release version.
  13. Zur kommunikation mit den flügelleuten.
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