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  1. Hello together, is there a possibility to remove the russian posts (no insult from here) from the "Unread Content" -Function of this forum?
  2. Yeah, Jane's Longbow, Gunship 2000, Nuclear Strike and the Movie "Fire Birds" (in german Airborne-Flügel aus Stahl) where my firestarter into military simulations. So I'm very happy that I can finaly fly an Apache again. Looking forward to the experience!
  3. Received mine also yesterday - shipping from Europe to Europe (Germany) took 3 days ;D
  4. Yes, happened to me - Throttle also arrived yesterday. Now only the Joystick is missing. But the waiting is worth the time - switching from a Saitek X56 its a different league of quality
  5. Also ordered the Constellation Alpha and Warbird Base together with the CM3 and Rudder Pedals around Dec 21. - Rudder Pedals arrived yesterday, CM3 will arrive on thursday. Also no charge for the Conny an Warbird Base - so you are not alone
  6. Hello together, I also followed this thread for a while now and I wanted to contribute my results of the benchmark - even if it is just as a reference because I use a Index instead of the G2 My hardware specs are i9 9900KF@4.9 Ghz 64GB DDR4 RAM 3600 Geforce RTX 3090 Valve Index DCS Openbeta with SteamVR beta - Settings in DCS from the "VR" profile - Steam SS 150% - I use the optimized shaders from speed-of-heats pack As you can probably see - my CPU is also the restricting factor. For most missions and campaign it is usable. B
  7. Have a similar experience when AI doing cat-takeoffs. The screen begins to stutter/glitch an after launch the AI plane was moved to the left like FSXes slew mode
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