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  1. In the mid 90's I was driving an 18 wheeler on a lone stretch of highway in northern Nevada. The ceiling cloud fog cover was about 2-3 thousand feet and out of no where 2 HOGS dropped through, lined up on my truck and did what appeared to be a simulated gun run on me. I just about crapped my pants! I use to be an ordnance mech on the F-18 and I have personally seen what the 20mm gun can do and I don't want any part of that 30. On another occasion, while still in the service, our squadron was deployed to Oceana Virginia NAS. I was out on the flight line watching a USN pilot testing out
  2. It's just too bad the TGP doesn't lock the MAV sensor so I can fire the damn thing; anyone else getting a headache over this or am I losing my my mind?
  3. I have 3+ hours and counting setting up my new HOTAS, and under an hour of actual stick time.
  4. You need to learn how to "mash buttons & throw switches" faster; it takes me less than a minute to start spooling up the left engine. Try this; Battery; inverter; 4 pumps; APU; wait 10 sec; mash down on LAlt+Home and there u have it!
  5. Speak for yourself; this is what happens when I touch down:
  6. I like to mash buttons and throw switches! :joystick:
  7. :huh:Then why does my default mapping show RAlt/RShift + PageUp/Down and Num+ to STEP UP the left/right throttles when the actual keys that step them up/down/idle are RAlt/RCtrl + Home/End? Had to find this out the hard way sitting on the ramp with APU on; I tried a bunch of key combinations out of dire frustration to get my engines to spool up. And yes, you can fiddle with the Throttle Slider all you want during start up, but make sure you set it to zero or your engines will shut down during startup.
  8. Yeah, put your head between your legs and pray like I did--this tank is a bitch to fly.
  9. No, just took her up and then landed at the nearest airport I "ran into".
  10. Don't you want your engine throttle mapped to the slider throttle? I still can't get my throttle to move on the RAMP--WTF?
  11. Zakk


    Reinstalled DX9 from the link above and it fixed in-game sound--thanks!
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