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  1. I place a Tanker Elnya 160 ( Insurgent) in the missioneditor. I place them just for target practice.
  2. I think i got it. Lets say i wanna sink a ship at wp2. And i think i missed to put in TAKT 9 to make it target waypoint. Itried and hit the ship with both. So if i get this right, i must put in TAKT 9 on every waypoint with targets to make it Target waypoints ? thanks in advance
  3. oh thats cool...with TAKT 9 on all ?
  4. Hi, so... I have for example a boat at wp2 (takt 9), and at wp3 i have a tank. Do i need to put TAKT 9 at wp3 as well ?
  5. Hm, how do i do that ? Isnt rotaryknob a "hold"..seems to
  6. I think i got it. I deactivated the Rotaryswitch. And it seems to work... But i really want to have that.. I dont know how to do it.
  7. Update 1: I noticed that i have a "active mouseklick" in the background. I cant get rid of it until i clear my Viggen profile. I have for example Rotaryknob for Radar zoom 30, 60, 120km. But that should not disturb the mouse ? Ive also disabled the minimouse on the throttle.
  8. Hi, so i bought the X52 last week, i downloaded the latest X52_HOTAS software ( I got huge lags when i try to program it, even lags when i try to make a colum wider. It takes forever to move the mouse outside of the ST program, then i can move around again. But starts again when i click inside the program. What can i do to get rid of this anoying problem?
  9. Well never mind, im doing a new setup for X52 from scratch :P
  10. Im not follow them after i missed....China maybe :P
  11. Hi, i bought Viggen for a couple of weeks ago, looking at tutorialvideos how to use weapons. Now i have a problem, i cant hit a tanker at sea with my RB-04E. My aircraft settings: wep sel: ATAK Rel mode: ENKEL (single) Master mode: ANF A1 Mode, i look at the radar and doing a fix with the radarstick on my X52. Unsafe trigger, and within range i fire and of they go...i follow them to the target. But they both misses. What do im doing wrong ?
  12. Got it now, it was something wrong with directorystructure for JSMGE.
  13. Hi, just started DCS for 2 weeks ago. Bought AJS37 Viggen and downloaded ".Chris_Viggen_Kneeboard Tweaks". I put it in JSMGE = not working. Same if i put it in manually in --->DCS World\Mods\aircraft\AJS37\Cockpit\scripts\KNEEBOARD\indicator\CONTENT as is says, but i cant get it to show with "Shift+K"...any suggestions ? :thumbup:
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