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  1. I don't think so. I haven't been able to replicate it. The only way I can drop into BVB is to actively select it. But that switches the selected missile to an IR type and I, then, have to reselect the R-27ER. My guess is that what happened was just an anomoly of some sort, unless you accidentally switched from BVR to CAC.
  2. Same with me. Been flying ED’s Su-27 since the late-90’s. While I enjoy flying other airframes, I find using them as a weapons platform more difficult. That includes the F-15C.
  3. Just experimented and that's not what happened in my test. Locked the target in BVR closed to within 10 km as target moved into the notch. EOS took over as primary with Radar secondary and the mode remained BVR. Once the target exited the notch, I got the launch cue. At no time did I not have target information on the HUD after radar reaquired.
  4. Never use them. The targets usually give their positions away when they shoot at me. I’ll download it tonight after I get home from work. Still not sure when I can get to it, though.
  5. Yes. It was a case of seeing what I expected to see, rather than seeing what was there. I read the first letter as a Cyrillic “D”.
  6. You don’t—at least not shortened from the front end. There’s no way to start a TRK partway through. You might want to upload the training mission to DCS User Files. In the meantime I’d be interested. Just don’t know how soon I’d be able to get to it. And it’s amazing how little damage a FAB-500 does when dropped in the middle of a bunch of infantry. The issue is something they’re aware of.
  7. What does change is the pressure the tower reports, when you interact with it. And that might be all.
  8. Ahhh... it was you saying that you set it to “2992” that made me think otherwise. That number is much higher than what’s allowed in that box. You can type it in but as soon as you click in another box, it’s automatically changed to the highest allowed number (790?). I’m not sure that setting actually changes much of anything “weather-wise”. It’ll change altimeter settings but that’s about it. Temperature has some effect on engine behavior but I don’t think the QNH changes much of anything. But, then again, I don’t normally play around with that. So I might be off base.
  9. Turbulence: Explanation Edit: In regards to pressure, I assume you’re referring to the pressure differential setting in dynamic weather, since QNH in standard weather can’t be set to 2992. Dynamic weather is more art than science. The settings do not reflect real weather settings. Rather they are there to generate weather effects that change over time using DCS’s “weather” system.
  10. Don’t know when 2.7 is coming but, when it does arrive, it won’t be available for Win7 users to download. At least that’s what their announcement states.
  11. And, then, came the dawn! It wasn’t until your post that I realized what “y=0.785” in the manual referred to. Thank you.
  12. So those charts would be based on 2610 kg of fuel (50% of 5220)?
  13. It may, if the issue actually lies with the munitions. Keep in mind that damage modeling for ground units is limited and that may be the actual issue. Don’t know how you might separate the two.
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