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  1. Oh...I wasn't mocking or belittling you. Just expressing my envy.
  2. I haven’t taken the time to test it but I swear I’ve experienced up and downdrafts when using overcast and rain 3. I’ll be flying along trimmed nice and level, enter a heavy cloud and suddenly be gaining or losing altitude. Not turbulence per se but.,,
  3. Welcome to my world. That’s actually a bit faster than my usual download speeds. A major update takes days, not hours, to download.
  4. When you say it launches in full screen mode, are you referring to the Main Menu and beyond? Or just the initial splash screen and such? If the latter, right click on your DCS shortcut, and change start maximized to start in a normal window.
  5. Just jumped into the cockpit and everything seemed normal in the latest beta. Can you provide a TRK demonstrating the issue?
  6. Just wanted to thank all involved for their efforts in resolving these crashes. So far I'm in the group for whom the crashes seem to be solved. Hopefully the other crashes folks are experiencing will be resolved soon as well.
  7. Ok. Now I understand what you were referring to. That would be the AP temporary override.
  8. Oh. I didn't take it that way at all. I'm just agreeing with the oddity of it.
  9. Most of these crashes are head scratchers. You think you’ve found a workaround and two or three days later, they’re back. But if it works, run with it. At least you get to fly frustration free.
  10. Assuming we’re talking about the same thing, the two-stage trigger in the Su-27 only concerns the cannon: the first stage selects priority aiming mode and the second stage fires the cannon.
  11. Have not had the mission exit crash since the first mission after the most recent update. However I'm still experiencing the 2nd mission crash. It seems slightly less frequent but it's still there.
  12. These have all been workarounds. And they are time limited by nature because the actual fix lies in the software itself. 72 hours is damned good. Far better than anything else so far.
  13. Well...just about on schedule. 2nd mission crash. The DLL involved is a new one for me: (EDIT: Did I see this DLL mentioned in this thread or another thread involving the F-14? Just curious because I reactivated both the FA/18 and F-14 this morning.) Event Viewer: dcs.log-20210528-130352.zip dcs.log
  14. All of our issues with 2.7 have been very weird. If they hadn’t been going on for a month now, I’d blame it on the full moon. They seem to come and go any time you make a change. Then all is well for awhile. Then the problems are back
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