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  1. BonerCat

    Mirage F1 hype

    Interesting. An AIM-9 on this hardpoint... Makes me wonder if 2x Fox-1 and 4x Fox-2 would be possible
  2. Y u do dis? Why wheel chocks on cold start?
  3. I m trying to survive in a pinch :( I m perfectly fine with having to execute strikes with nozzles all the way back, I just wish i could fire A/A munitions with nozzles forward It would give you a lot more flexibility in a fight
  4. A simple "no" would've sufficed man, no need to be rude about it
  5. Well, i need it about as much as ice cream or candy I'll be ok without it, but it would be nice to have it
  6. Is there any way to make the plane fire weapons when the nozzles are pointed down? Maybe a ground safety switch, or a setting somwhere? It got me killed and has been a great inconvienience a number of times I realize you would never do such a thing operationally, in a real jet, but i need it :joystick:
  7. *Top fo the TAD shows info about the hooked (highlighted) target *Not with jester. The AWG-9 will try to assign priorities, and while a RIO can interfere, Jester doesnt try *Dim targets are normal detections, Highlighted target is hooked. Once you've fired missiles, steady highlight indicateds TWS guidance (i think), while flashing indicates an active missile on the target However, since missile guidance still wasnt properly implemented, flashing is not accurate, and can be ignored (again, i think) *If you had a good solid track on every bandit, bandits you've fired on should become stead
  8. The Fakour 90 shouldnt be that difficult to reproduce, the airframe dynamics are the same as the Phoenix, as it has the same body. Some tweaks to the motor might be neccesary, and it is fox 1 only AFAIK, but other than that, i don't see big issues That said, i m not a dev or an SME on this, so wth do i know ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ Would be nice tho
  9. You can basicly put any munition on any plane in DCS, and in some cases, AI will be able to use it (I once got an AI F-16 firing sparrows. They were pretty shit, but it worked), but in overwhelming majority of cases, the player will not be able to use that weapon, due to lacking integration to the cockpit system Because the APKWS to the Huey rockets is basicly what a GBU-12 is to the Mk-82, so it *might* work, but i wouldnt bet on it You're gonna have to find the file that has all the default loadouts for the plane, and add one in there You'll have to copy the code for the munition, and p
  10. Title Does it matter if someone got the original A-10C years or days before the upgrade package comes out? I m considering getting the A-10C now for full 60, and then getting the upgrade for 10, and get both the A-10C and the A-10C II, but i m not sure if it matters when someone got the original A-10C
  11. Also, if we're going all out, why not add Su-27's and 33's?
  12. I see you included R-77 missiles You should know only the MiG-29S variant can actually equip them at all, and it can do it on all 6 of it's stations Cheers
  13. Some do. And often it's less about the kill count, and more about the fact that someone spent some time getting into position to get a kill, putting effort towards it, and waiting for his reward for that effort. If someone then comes in and steals that kill, they deprive that person from getting that reward. Human brains do like their dopamine
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