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  1. Nav mode was in IFA MK-82Y were CCIP , MFUSE Nose, EFUSE: Inst. Good alignment .5:OK prior to switch from GND ALIGN to IFA on stationery aircraft. A-G Master mode, Master Arm ON, 420 knot runin, flat terrain about 90 feet MSL. Target is linear truck convoy. "That said, there may be something else going on for you. Are you certain you were in CCIP mode? When you designate a target - by any means - CCIP mode will automatically change to Auto / CCRP. If you want to make a CCIP drop, you then have to change it back. " I have to check that. I preset all my release opt
  2. Military operational missions are generally planned in reverse and forward of time on target. Assuming a strike mission. Start with desired time on target of munition, and go on from there. Plan backwards from TOT (m) to engine start. Taking into account time of flight to and from waypoints, time at waypoint for weapon release, to target refuel points with time allotment, mission cell takeoff time, taxi, engine start+startup. Then from TOT (release waypoint), plan forward for time of flight to waypoints, post strike refuel, flight to base, recovery. So a good mission planner starts with time o
  3. 83% planning and 10% execution sounds about right for real life. A real mission planner would be cool. But it cant be just waypoint plotter. It has to generate ground track with planned turn radii for gross weight, IAS, and weather, at waypoint. User should be to see ground track plot and AGL mission profile. With mission computer generating fuel requirements.
  4. MK-82Y Ret bombs ballistics computer. 5 knot cross at tgt, but CCIP piper is totally off the HUD. Today, I am particularly displeased. Dropping MK-82Y ballutes on truck convoy , from 500 ft AGL with 5 knot cross at 420 knots IAS. The blipping CCIP piper is totally off the HUD. Target area designated by TPOD. Completely. What's worse, if I reattack with 90 deg change in attack heading, I still get CCIP piper off the HUD. How the bloody eel is that possible? I tried to reattack from four cardinal and two inbetween cardinal heading. Same damned problem. No solution. With only a 5 knot
  5. Parking Brake ON. Prevents throttle motion and aircraft roll . Even with nozzles at 0. Or just point nozzles down to 60, to neutralize horizontal thrust component. WHeel chocks have to be pulled prior to engine start, and placed after shutdown. I dunno if this realistic RW for ground crew safety, ir peculiar to the sim. Hook up to external power, leave Battery ON and Generator ON. Shut down engine. Pull chocks, restart engine. Your INS will still be aligned.
  6. Oh krappidoodle crabcakes! Ground Chief and Air Group maintenance OIC are not gonna like this. When you sign for the aircraft you re expected to bring back the whole aircraft.
  7. Pilot in Hawaii shirt, bermuda shorts, and flip flops. Nice! But be warned, flip lops may not be authorized by FAA in RW, as loose sandals can get pulled off and impede function of rudder pedals. Happens in cars also. Recall that tragic Bell Ranger sight seeing tour over Hudson River in NYC. Helicopter lost all power, and for one reason or another, pilot was not able to autorot safely to shore, and went into river. Pilot survived, passengers did not. Turns out it was human error, on part of the passenger in co-pilot seat. Somehow his strap snagged on throttle quadrant and pulled it to cutoff.
  8. European NATO-Warsaw Pact DCS theater map, I hope , would pay particular attention to Danish Straits (not Straits Of Denmark) and Kiel Canal zone. Danish Straits and Kiel Canal are strategic chokepoints for access to North Sea and wider Atlantic from Baltic. Heavily urbanized low sea level terrain. Soviet/Russian Baltic Fleet would be bottled in shallow Baltic, and if venturing into NATO area of Baltic , faced hostile nations from all four cardinal directions. It is thought that Soviet airborne doctrine planned a airborne drop in multi-division strength to get 'boots on the ground' to secure
  9. That is per mission and unit SOP. True for multi-crew large aircraft, like AWACS, Airborne Command Post, where a senior officer O-6 or flag is mission commander. Maybe for special mission aircraft like SR-71 where RSO may be senior to pilot. In F-111 units, some low hour pilots were paired with high hour bomb/NAV officer. In Vietnam F0105G Wild Weasel , low hour 1lt. and Capt pilots were paired with high hour senior WSO. Or vice versa. Generally pilot is considered pilot in command. But teamwork is #1. If F-111D/E/F/G crew or Tornado CFIT themselves into terrain, both will suffer same conseque
  10. The pilot in front is generally pilot in command. He is responsible for safe flight, mission execution, and delegates nav, attack, and EW tasks to backs eater. In military, you may delegate authority, but you cannot delegate responsibility. WSO runs radar, provides steering ques and offsets, and releases weapons with pilot consent. Pilot controls short range air-air missiles and guns for AA and AG. WSO is also second eyes during ACM. For inflight refuel. WSO provides nav and steering ques to tanker, but its up to pilot to connect and take gas.
  11. Ability to call FFE (fire for effect) mission from field artillery or MLRS via link to Fire Direction Center. Voice fire mission call was not required. AH-64A and D front seaters would a digital message to FDC for FA fire mission. 'ICM in effect'. Adjust fire was skipped. Used to suppress battlefield enemy air defense.
  12. I thought they were, once JHMQS was deployed onto fleet.
  13. AIM-9X Block I (or any block) for A-10C 2.0
  14. Hey, I quit mission, and went to double check my settings that flight model was set to SIM not GAME.
  15. To me the most difficult, to survive, map + campaign, that would be amazing in DCS is Baltic+Central Europe CA 1987-1991. Everytime I see old WINGS or BBC docu on RAF showing Harriers, F-4s, F-111, Tornadoes, RNFAA Bucs, F-16s running low , blurry 1970's-1980's video, low level, anti-col strobes, with blurry tree tops wizzing by. Or RAF Harriers taxing between trees with giant nets over head. Always the BBC Brit narrator reminding how in case of NATO/Warsaw Pact war in Europe, all these bases would be destroyed in first 24 minutes. Then cut to scramble, showing RAF F-4 crew jumping into their
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