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  1. Gen1 M61 installations on F-104 , during testing & trials, had a nasty habit of severe blowback and misfires, resulting in FOD damage to the engine.
  2. Maintain AOA of 12-14 units and airspeed of 150 KIAS, with 130 KIAS at runway threshhold, maintain Flightpath indicator on runway threshold, and gradually ease onto touchdown area. Be sure to be in APP mode and adjust your seat height for landing. Burn off fuel so that you are on internal only on approach. Do all that, and aircraft will almost land itself without crunching gear.
  3. I find it a lovely aircraft. Like a squat, fat F-111. It was also described, as having , kinetic maneuverability, of an obese pregnant sow. Or was it cow. However, both Tornado and F-111 could turn inside of Mig-23. As described by F-111 pilot with a lovely set of YT videos. As strike aircraft it served NATO well. Those crews , tasked with anti-runway mission, had to carry a little bit more fuel and slightly less munition load, due to the extra weight of their brass , that they had to have.
  4. Not liking the latest A-10CII behavior of TPOD and weapons. With pod I get chronic ,weird gimball roll lock or random crazy slew. Lets say I lock on to target at some distance with angle offset of 80 degrees between by nose heading and course to target. Got target nicely locked up, a quick shoot of laser to get slant dist. I then roll on to the target preparing to lase and weapon release. With nose almost on target, I get GIM ROLL from TPOD, and it goes crazy, slews wherever off the HUD. wrecking the shot. Just crazy effed up behavior. MavH sucks. In day light, it will not lock on nice co
  5. I use ministick throttle for slewing (axis bind) the radar cursor and pod optics. Optics zoom in/out with modifier, radar range, and radar vertical. Ministick throttle depress is a modifier. Ministick on stick depress is for target selection or deselection with modifier. Stick ministick axis is for mouse view along with mouse. Works good, but you have to develop muscle memory, and that takes weeks or months of continious practice. I dont use VR or TrackIR.
  6. WT2!!!! Why are X56 Rhino HOTAS selling for $600. I got my 4 years ago for $200. TM A-10C HOTAS is $700!!! This is insane. We cannot blame that on scalpers and crypto-miners. I blame those for inability to get a 3060Ti
  7. I went US Army, got my commission, and got Field Artillery Branch then specialized in Fire Support . Hua!! But if I had the chops and 20/20, not sayin I did, but if I did, went Navy/USMC Aviation, went through Naval Officer Candidate School or NROTC, then Marine Basic School, then Flight School, then Carrier quals in T-45, and got Winged as Naval Aviator. Then if I had grades to be offered a choice as to what billets were available to me. I don't think I would have chosen F-14. I would have chosen Marine Aviation Harrier program , and if that was not available then Hornet , and if that was n
  8. Sr. Drill Instructor (played by Lous Gosset Jr.) tells candidates that if they aspire to fly Navy F-14s they have to get by him first. BOOM!
  9. OK, maybe a little. Still lookling 4 months down the line. Time to upgrade. At least replace RTX2060Super with 3060TI of this damn shortage ever breaks.
  10. I didn't it was unrealistic. Likely it is. Its just so quick, that it does not seem real. In a good way.
  11. Thats when it me, that in low viz weather with new clouds, new low clouds, that I have no clue on how to recover F-5E in IFR weather. TACAN can guide you to the field, but not down to it in IFR. F-5E was used over Vietnam and Thailand, so recovery in bad weather had to be the norm. We dont have military precision approach radar to guide us down. So is VFR landing the best we can do in DCS: F-5E?
  12. I keep forgetting just how fast F-5E rolls with aileron limiter OFF. Its unreal fast. Like A-4E-C if you keep rolling, you go into GLOC and spin into ground. Neither Viper nor Hornet, empty Harrier, or empty Mirage2KC rolls that crazy.
  13. Just noticed that little detail. If that is what that wire is for. Don't recall see that little detail before.
  14. I empty FXO and metashaders folders regularly. I dont see that improving performance one way or another.
  15. Just curious, for fightin in the Bush of Southern Africa, would you prefer heavier 7.62 NATO FN FAL, or lighter 5.56 such as period specific M-16A1/A2, Brit SA-80, or French FAMAS, as individual weapon. For squad automatic weapon a 7.62 NATO M60, FN MAG, or lighter 5.56 NATO light MG such as M249 SAW. In that environment, what is the most pressing environmental issue for light arms field maintenance and reliability. Dust, rain?
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