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  1. [ANSWERED] This is according to NATOPS and I believe it's also stated in Hearblur's F-14A/B Checklist.
  2. Bump. Took out the hornet after months of disregarding it after always questioning "hmmm what bugs will I encounter today...". THIS issue still persists. I could just be cruising along in A/A with TWS selected and hit the undesignate button and see with my HMD a target locked six-o'clock -1200Vc range increasing. First and last time buying early access from ED but seventh time not wanting to fly the hornet.
  3. How to I control my AI wingman with easy communications disabled?
  4. I don't auto-start the hornet because I can start it up faster myself. auto-start for the A-10C because it gives me enough time to read frequencies and look at whats going on in the F10 map (it's not like im going anywhere fast in the hog). I would like to know how to make a custom auto-start to skip some things or speed up time between steps.
  5. Thank you BIGNEWY I think that's solved everything, I've been able to fly for hours without a crash.
  6. I've run DCS updater, cleanup and repair, regenerated shaders, updated drivers but still getting CTD's. dcs CTD.zip
  7. I haven't been kicked out of any server and I didn't quit the server. It just happened again, creating a new thread now with the logs
  8. Flying at night the TGP in WHOT or BHOT will be completely washed out by JTAC smoke.
  9. I've been having CTD recently but I think I've fixed it by regenerating shaders and cleaning up/repairing DCS world, following this guide https://www.digitalcombatsimulator.com/en/support/faq/repair/
  10. Oh sorry, I'll upload it tomorrow. In the mean time I have ran the DCS update clean-up and repair tools (opting to remove dozens of unnecessary files)as well as regenerating shader cache. I got to fly trouble free in the A-10C II on the hoggit training server for a good amount of time.
  11. getting black screen crash. Here's my post https://forums.eagle.ru/showthread.php?t=288067
  12. After updating all drivers the latest beta still crashes with a black screen at random points. This is incredibly frustrating. dcs.20201004-043942.zip dcs.log
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