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  1. Hey Guys, I have a 980 GTX enroute. Considering a 24"x3 solution or the LG 34UM95. I've been bugging Outlaw2 about it, but anyone else have experience with either/both; or recommendations? Thanks
  2. What's the update with the monitor? I too am trying to decide on 3x24" displays or one 34um95. Also I see some listings showing -p. No retailer has been able to confirm or deny they are different. Thanks!
  3. Roger that, thanks DayGlow. The 900 series should be out any day now. Might 2x SLI those dudes!
  4. Thanks rajdary! I have been searching the input and output the whole time. I never knew there a multi monitor thread in the Bug Section! Thanks again.
  5. Thanks for the input guys. I thought I had the Rampage V ordered, but got an email that it's out of stock. So waiting for the new 900's is a great idea. Even if I can't get one, the 780's should drop in price. Ace your pit is amazing! I've got some descent building skills but no time for anything close to that. Excellent work!
  6. Searching again today and keep finding the same posts and no answers. Can anyone using GTX 780 weigh in? FPS with three monitors. Most of the threads talk about no SLI improvement on one monitor, then others say on multi monitors SLI does work. Can anyone confirm? Thanks
  7. I've been searching for two days now (both here and other sites) and still can't find all the answers. I've been off of DCS for 4 years, work and baby, but looking to get back in. I am building a new rig and need some help with multi-monitors and multi-gpu. There are many threads on these items (I've been reading them) but still need help. Build: Haswell-E 5960X Watercooled hope to get at least 4.3Ghz (I know the 8 cores are not supported but do creation stuff as well) ASUS Rampage V 16Gig DDR4 RAM Couple of SSD Drives Now the questions: I want three monitors. No MFDs to export,
  8. Whatever Viper, this one's been around for three days!
  9. Does that mean the Mud Hen is next? Please . . . Please!!!
  10. From my searching I found the Starforce program uses a points system. A total of 12 points requires a deact/react cycle. The list I found indicated a CPU change is a 13 point hit. Requiring one to deactivate. I didn't see graphics card in that listing and don't know for sure if that list was complete. Do I need to deac/react for a graphics card change? What points does this change have associated with it? Thanks
  11. I agree with the option to turn them off. I have a 2 yr- old daughter and hardly ever get a chance to fly, do the whole 30 min brief, get everyone together, takeoff and then get a failure and have to restart totally sucks. I have enough random failures in real life!
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