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  1. Doing a CASE III, initially the ship gives a Marshall course and a final course, but then the sip change his course, due to a waypoint, and does not warn of it. Before 2.7, it did. This Happens with all Supercarriers ships
  2. I have a "halo" around the plane, as a low resolution shape, only shows with the new clouds and with any module. I tried with all clouds graphic options, diifferent MSAA and anisotropic options with the same result. I have an AMD Ryzen 3800x, 16gb RAM 3200Mh, AMD R9 380 with the last drivers installed
  3. I use S3+H3U/D to cycle the gear, maybe this is not sending the gear state signal, i will try S3+T6 Thanks
  4. Hey Home Fries, i can't make work Lantirn Mod with my Cougar, i set CTS Lantirn option at 2, rebuilded script and loaded. I go to controllers, load keyboards and joystick profiles again, the new options are showed but when i press S3+T1 long it doesn't change to Lantirn master mode, however i can turn on/off lantirn camera, move it with microstick, toggle Laser master arm etc. I tried with your controller lua improvements and the original mod
  5. Hi, i want to do a mission where each time a player or client go to fly, spawn in a random position, both in sp and mp, that is possible?
  6. I think i fixed, i set CommState Allow to 0 and now is working fine. I see all buttons and i haven´t double press
  7. Hi, when i put the keyboard default.lua from Lantirn Mod, DCS freeze on controls setup page or loading a mission, it happens to someone else?
  8. Hi Home Fries, i am trying to setup the SRS as manual says to use the F18 and MIDS radio, i set SimpleRadio Standalone value to 1 in Global section. I execute the script and then open SRS, i set RADIO 1 and RADIO 2 in buttons 20 (comms switch left) and 22 (comms switch rigth) but when i try to set RADIO 3 in button 21 (comms switch down), button 20 is activated or "keyboard 44" is displayed: and button 23 (comms switch up) doesn't even work. So if i push comms switch left or down, button 20 is actived or "keyboard 44" displayed, rigth is button 22 and up doesn't activate anything. I
  9. Hi, i updated to 2.46, i put the .lua flie for F14 Lantirn mod from CTS¡s custom luas files and 2.46 profiles for the keyboard and the hotas cougar. I selected SC and set the Lantirn value for F14 in 2. In controllers i have new options in F14 Pilot section to turn on the Lantirn pod in LMFD, even i have Air Source options in RMFD and set slew axis for Lantirn. But i don't have any other option like S4 buttons, laser latch, WHOT/BHOT, etc... set in the hotas, just in keyboard i have keyboards commands without modifier. I can't make it work
  10. That means we have to wait until 3 June? 2 weeks waiting to flight in MP with friends? 2 weeks to enjoy SC after all the problems and delays? It is not caused by my AMD CPU, which was working perfectly before update DCS, is caused because this patch doesn't work with AMD CPU
  11. Maybe that is the problem, but in the post that i opened: https://forums.eagle.ru/showthread.php?t=274079 Quax456 have an Intel I7-8700k like said in his sign and have the same issue
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