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  1. Early export manuals clearly list R-60, along R-60MK in the MiG-29 armament, so it would be good if ED add them.
  2. Unfortunately, you keep missing the point, the point is all the missiles need to be modeled to the same standard, if as long as that is not the case people will complain that something is odd. If the R-27 and R-77 got updated and Aim-7(I really hope for LOFT profile updates on the Eagle too) and Aim-120 didn't, I would complain the same. With Aim-120 and Aim-7 update it is like comparing Apples and Oranges... not same parameters were used in modeling them, can't be compared. As far I as recall, I always provide tables and chart within game measurements
  3. The main issue is that all other missiles got a lot better... ether due to CFD or new autopilot or other updates... There is a constant theme in the forums.... a person comes complaints about R-27 since it feels different due to older modeling... then then three types of different replies come... 1. type: R-27 is bad missile from the ProBlue people 2. type: R-27 is good missile made bad in DCS from the ProRed people 3. type: R-27 needs an update, please wait for it before judging from the more reasonable people in the end the only way to make everybody hap
  4. @Teknetinium Track? But it should be MP stuff... missiles tend to perform a bit different in MP
  5. You must level the playing field between FF (which can do that like M2000C, F-14 and JF-17 instantly, and apparently the Hornet will do it automatically if JMR is on) and the FC3, but I will wait for the patch to see... and arguing it to leaving it just because of 'balance/exploits' than that is a whole different can of worms that doesn't need to open... According the video I don't believe Hornet ECM implementation brings a whole new overhaul...
  6. Regrading in ECM, the only change for now that is for sure needed, is removal of 15 sec STBY-XMT timer on all FC3 aircraft. For other stuff, we first need to see how it works on Hornet and Viper... and then see if any changes are needed to move to same level of modeling.
  7. I completely agree that this is needed now... or at least reduced to 3 sec or so... at least taking about standby to xmit time.
  8. I disagree, this are 'recommended' max engagement envelopes for the pilots. MiG-29 manual even instructs pilot to fire the first missile at that range and second at R2 (R-non escape zone) You wouldn't recommend with at least some accommodations for increased PK.... which in max kinematic is not possible, so it is reasonable to assume that max kinematic is bigger. All in all we need CFDs and proper autopilot updates, without them we are very much in the area of speculation.
  9. The 900 km/h and 1100 km/h are fighter and target speeds/envelopes for the graphs... it is written on them, at least on version I have. This is exectly why we need CFDs to figure out the drag... and with drag and full mass known... it is easy to get the speeds... and I am sure with proper modeling the manual ranges will be archived no problem.
  10. We are all wating on R-27/R-77 rework... and it looks we will wait more.... till then, I think we all agree that the current implementation lacks 'fidelity' in certain areas.
  11. Su-17 Family plane will be great, I am really happy! Thank you!
  12. On the missiles note... I think we all agree that R-27s and R-77 need update as soon as possible to the latest standard of guidance and fixing of EO bug. I thrust ED to sort it out how it should perform as long as logic and modeling are on the same level as Aim-120b and Aim-7, which currently they are not. And feel that should be done sooner than later, since with IR blocking clouds, R-27ET will lose it teeth even more.
  13. Let's have a full story.... landed and was written off as unfixable... and probably lot of systems broke immediately... anyway.... misslie thread
  14. Cool, video I wanted to share. Worth noting in the later part of BDA... Swedish air force trains to support Amraam till impact also in their simulation also quite a few missile miss from what I can tell.
  15. Just did few tests, both in Viper, Fulcrum and Mirage... ACE F-4E can be easily defeated with in few turns and my BFM skills are average, and weak in Viper since it not my primary platform (track attached) .... I recommend brushing up on you BFM skills or attach your own track so maybe we can give you few tips how to improve. F-16 vs F-4 Ace.trk
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